By all accounts, the economic opportunity created by the Internet of Things (IoT) is massive.
However you measure it, one trend is clear: IoT, and the business intelligence opportunities the technology unlocks, is going to be big.
Though consumer IoT gets plenty of buzz, there’s an immediate and major opportunity in IoT for businesses. In fact, the McKinsey report points out that business-to-business applications have the potential to generate nearly 70 percent of the total potential value unlocked by IoT.
That’s where you come in. Partners are key to delivering on the value of IoT long-term.
Microsoft’s partners, through your expertise and the connections you can forge with other partners, are in a prime position to tap into this growing market right now. Some partners are already jumping in. Many may be interested, but aren’t sure where to start.
And that’s where we come in.
To help with the process, we’re making investments in the technology itself, in connecting you with trusted solutions and verified partners, and in helping you mature your IoT practice. We want to help you make the transition from thinking to participating, so you’re positioned to make the most of this massive market opportunity.

Continuous innovation in IoT technology

Microsoft isn’t new to this technology – we’ve been helping customers install and implement IoT devices and solutions for more than two decades.
Our vision is simple: IoT shouldn’t be complicated. It’s about connecting the devices and assets you already own with the right technology to create insights and make more informed business decisions. Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure are core to realizing this vision.
Windows 10, introduced in July, now powers secure, connected devices collecting massive amounts of data. Then the power of Azure analytics unlocks business insights, helping our shared customers.
To make IoT technology faster and easier to implement, we introduced the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite in September 2015. Azure IoT Suite’s preconfigured solutions were built to address common IoT scenarios like remote monitoring and asset management. This automation of standard operations can simplify and speed deployments for partners and their customers. Partners like ICONICS are already leveraging Azure for their IoT solutions, and businesses like Satalyst are using the Azure IoT Suite to accelerate results.
And consider this:
“Less than 1 percent of the data being generated by the 30,000 sensors on an offshore oil rig is currently used to make decisions.” -The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype, June 2015, McKinsey Global Institute
Of course, there’s enormous value in being able to detect and handle anomalies, which is what this oil company was using its data—well, 1 percent of it—for. But how much more value is there in unlocking more data for prediction and optimization and stopping problems before they start? Updates to the Azure IoT Suite, released in December, now include a preconfigured solution for predictive maintenance, turning vast amounts of data into actionable business insights.
And, for device manufacturers, the Windows 10 IoT offerings are also continuing to grow, with new SKUs, platform improvements, and continued evolution on the way. We’ve also created a new portal, where you and your customers can register and connect with device manufacturers, browse the latest Windows devices, and more. Visit the Microsoft Device Partner Connector to sign up for free and find out more.

Azure Certified for IoT

When we originally announced the Azure IoT Suite, we also launched Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. As IoT continues to grow, it’s critical that various technologies work together well. Azure Certified for IoT is designed to make sure IoT solutions from global technology leaders are fully interoperable right from the start.
By offering trusted solutions with verified partners, Azure Certified for IoT also works to speed up IoT deployments. We’re already working with Arduino, Beagleboard, Freescale, Intel, Raspberry Pi, Samsung, and Texas Instruments, among others, to test and certify combinations of device, platform and operating system to work on Azure.
Azure Certified for IoT partners have a unique opportunity to demonstrate IoT capabilities and market leadership, reach new customers, and be top-of-mind for customers looking for trusted advisors to help them get started. Since launch, nearly 30 industry leaders have joined the program and several have chosen to certify more than one device. Each of these businesses brings its own unique perspective and value proposition to the IoT landscape – if you want to get involved, learn more about becoming an Azure Certified for IoT partner.

Business-building resources at the Azure IoT Practice Building Portal

Along with investments into the technology and the ecosystem, we’re also investing directly in your business development. We built the Azure IoT Practice Building Portal to provide MPN partners with guidance and resources specifically designed to support successful IoT practices.
The portal focuses on five key areas:
  • Providing an on-demand concierge service: Email for guidance on any benefits or resources Microsoft offers.
  • Training and marketing materials: Stay up to date on the technology and make sure you’re market-ready with customer-ready whitepapers, presentations, demos and more.
  • Best practices: Learn from the success of partners like you.
  • P2P and Microsoft engagement: Connect with IoT technical teams in Engineering and the field, or connect with other partners on MSDN forums, blogs, Yammer communities and more.
  • See and be seen: Check out the Azure IoT Partner Directory on our new customer-facing site,, and find out how to get your solution into the showcase.
Through improved technology, a strong ecosystem, and resources that help you grow, we’re making it easy for you to plug into—and profit from!—the Internet of Things.