​Partner Conference is a pretty social place, so we’ve invited our FUSE Labs team to Los Angeles to talk about the future of social—that’s literally the title of their group, FUture Social Experiences. They’re part of Microsoft Research and though they’re addicted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and FourSquare, they’re looking a little further out to see where social computing is going. It’s easy to think that we’ve arrived at the end of the journey with social, but in reality, it’s just the beginning.

We’re seeing social technology woven into the fabric of business applications—FUSE had a hand in the Outlook Social Connector which brings LinkedIn and Facebook right inside of Outlook. We’re seeing the reverse with services like Docs for Facebook that brings Office into Facebook. We’re also seeing social computing change the landscape of search. In the real world we tend to ask our friends for advice when looking for something, and Bing has started doing just the same by integrating your friends’ Facebook “likes”. FUSE has a long history of working with Bing too, on bing.com/social and Bing’s Twitter maps.
At Worldwide Partner Conference, FUSE will talk about and show some of their latest experiments in social computing—projects with exotic names like Emporia, Spindex, and Montage. Each takes a unique approach to using our social data in order to unearth information we may not have otherwise found, or reveal relationships that we hadn’t seen. They’re also exploring how we build a more personalized web experience—based on our social network—that learns about us over time. Other projects investigate how we can make it radically easier to curate the massive amounts of data we’re exposed to on the web, and use our network to cut through the clutter. This video from FUSE gives you a glimpse at one of their projects.
So, we hope to see you at the session with FUSE, and in exchange, we’ll aim to show you a view of the future of social.​