If you have read any of my past blogs or have been to any of my sessions at Worldwide Partner Conference, you know that I have been advocating the virtues of building a partner business that is optimized for the cloud. I have talked about the importance of transforming the partner business model from transactional and pure project-based models to models that deliver higher valuation and recurring revenue streams. During this time I have also seen firsthand how many partners have been successful in embracing this tremendous cloud opportunity. Through this experience, I have become 110% convinced that it has never been a better time to be a partner, and it has moved me to join the partner ecosystem directly. I am happy to share that today is my first day as VP of Channels & Strategy for Nintex, a leader in Workflow solutions. Nintex has a great transformation story and an amazing future ahead of it. Here’s a high level overview on their journey:

Nintex started out as a SI in Australia and operated as a project-based business for many years. They specialized in SharePoint deployments and became very good at it. As they experienced what enterprises were looking for, they looked to capitalize on what they saw as an emerging opportunity to automate workflow solutions by placing the power into the hands of the end user or business analyst community. So, they set out to build workflow for everyone at an attractive customer price point, negating the need for big and expensive hard-coded BPO solutions, all centered on the SharePoint platform. Their company grew from being project-based to IP-based, and they grew their business with a powerful partner ecosystem who also saw the need for this solution and are now realizing the benefits of partnership. Fast forward six years, and the company is enjoying incredible growth and has attracted big investors and a high caliber board of directors. Nintex has big ambitions to continue its growth path and incredible valuation potential, and a big part of that is its cloud strategy. They have already built Workflow for O365 as well as Nintex Live which extends their on-premises workflow solution into the cloud, all based on Azure as their platform, and we are experiencing rapid growth on these solutions. Nintex partners are capitalizing on the opportunity and driving great solutions to our mutual end-customers which also points to the power of what Microsoft refers to as P2P or partner-to-partner connections.
The cloud opportunity is here and now. According to IDC Successful Cloud Partners 2.0 eBook, the WW public cloud market is expected to be over $107 billion by 2017 – just a little over two years away! In the same study, IDC projected that SaaS will remain the largest public IT cloud service category through 2017 (57.9% in 2017), while PaaS and IaaS will grow faster than SaaS over the next five years. For partners, the opportunity is clear and the change takes work, but the rewards can be incredible.
I’m excited that I’ll be able to be a guest blogger on Microsoft Digital WPC and I look forward to continuing to share profitability insights from a partner perspective. There has never been a better time to be a Microsoft partner, and I am excited to start this journey today.