Infusion was founded on the principle that reinventing yourself is necessary to stay ahead in business. Yes, transformation is hard, and disruption is, well, disruptive. But ultimately, it’s the business that can see the way things are headed and get in front of the curve that will thrive. We think it’s our willingness to test the limits and be open to new ideas – even risky ones – that earned us the Microsoft 2014 Partner of the Year award in Application Development.
One of our more successful transformations was to combine engineering and creative design in our approach to our customers’ challenges. A recent project with the Royal Bank of Canada is a great illustration: RBC recognized that customers weren’t having sales conversations with staff because sitting down at a desk felt too formal and intimidating. RBC wanted to make the branches more open and informal by moving their sales staff out onto the branch floor. Infusion was brought in to help RBC employees by creating tools to engage their customers and ease the conversation.
We met with RBC right at the beginning of the project and brought a team of people from sales, architecture, creative, and tech to the table. Having everyone at that first meeting is a vital part of our process – we get the best ideas with this “melding of the minds,” but we also ensure everyone agrees on what the business goals are and what “success” looks like. RBC already had a great vision of what they wanted to achieve, we knew we had the design and technical capabilities to do it, so we moved very quickly to build the app. 
Built on our custom Pulse platform, the app is a friendly, welcoming, touch-screen interface on a large display. Bank customers can use the app independently to get answers to questions, access loan calculators or play financial games. Or a staff member can use the app as an aid to those sales conversations in a way that feels casual and pressure-free, even fun. We built the app on our Pulse platform, which is exclusively on Azure. This allows us to scale the app as the bank moves more and more of its branches to the open, retail design. The Pulse platform also allows RBC to easily initiate content updates and do metric analyses which further confirm the ROI of the app.
We continue to work with RBC via our managed support services, procuring and installing hardware as more branches are shifted to the new model. And of course, the app itself evolves over time – our focus on continued optimization means we are able to maintain an active role in supporting RBC and continue growing that relationship. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for our customers, which increases their satisfaction and our profitability.
From a staff of 80 just seven years ago, our approach has brought us to over 600 and growing. We’re big enough now to be impactful, but we work hard to retain our culture of openness and our entrepreneurial spirit. We’re always hungry and looking for ways to reinvent ourselves, and that philosophy permeates through every layer of our organization.