What an incredible WPC! It’s one that’s raised the bar in our WPC history, and it’s definitely among the ones I’ve most enjoyed experiencing to date. We had the most attended conference since its creation, and the feedback from partners has been very positive.
Across the week, I had the chance to meet with several partners covering the spectrum from those new to those who have been in partnership with us since the beginning of our partner program. The diversity in our attendee ecosystem was obvious, with many types of businesses driving cloud solutions. It was an absolute pleasure to hear directly from our partners, and especially to realize our purpose of making connections in one place, all at once – getting business done. During my visit at the WPC Expo Hall, the energy was high, with partners busily engaging with other attendees. Partners discovered new capabilities through other partners’ cloud products and solutions, and had numerous opportunities to tap into the multi-disciplined talents of other WPC attendees.
Experts from Microsoft and other industry leaders joined us to kick off our fiscal sales year with our partners, inspiring the audience through powerful keynotes and providing insights into the products and innovation that we’re creating to meet the massive opportunities the cloud offers. On Day 3 of WPC, I had the chance to take the main stage when I talked about what our most successful partners are doing today to realize profitability and success from driving cloud services businesses. I provided insights across four success factors that we’re seeing amongst partners that are benefitting from building a cloud-focused practice in this modern era:
  1. IP differentiation
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Customer acquisition and retention
  4. People and measurement
To hear directly from partners who have been successful in implementing these cloud-focused practices, please watch the video below.
I chose this subject because it speaks to the very core of why we need to change rapidly to meet the needs of modern customers and our changing buyers and take advantage of the shifting IT industry.
For those of you who did not attend WPC, you can watch my Vision Keynote on the Microsoft Partner Network Portal.
If you’re encouraged to begin your transformation process, or want to understand where you are today in your journey to cloud success, now is the time to start benchmarking yourself and consider where you need to reinvent your business model disciplines. Assess where you think you are today, and build the plan that moves you to the standards of best in class.
We are here to support you through your transformation. In the spirit of our commitment to your success, we are providing a few tools to help you get started. Just launched at WPC, our SureStep Profitability Benchmark resources allow you to self-assess your stage of the cloud transformation journey and point you to business practices that will help you get to the next step along the way.
I’d like to close this note by sending out a big “Thank you” to all our partner attendees at this year’s WPC – you truly made it great! I can’t wait to see what success we’ll jointly drive for our mutual customers in this new fiscal year. And, the next WPC awaits in July, 2016 in Toronto, Canada – where we can compare notes again and celebrate our wins together!
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