The velocity of time never ceases to amaze me. Together, we’ve just wrapped up another very successful year. And on a personal note, I’m celebrating my first anniversary in Asia! 

Before we head off to WPC—and then plunge headlong into fiscal 2013—I want to extend my gratitude, that of my One Partner Team colleague, Chris Sharp, and all Microsoft Asia partner teams to our partners in Asia—India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Asia Pacific Region (APAC)—for the teamwork, commitment and joint success we’ve shared. 
We achieved great things together in FY12. And as we work to close the books, stay tuned for financial (and other) data that we can celebrate! In the meantime, I’d like to recognize and offer thanks to a selection of partner organizations that contributed to our successful—and memorable—fiscal 2012. This list is certainly not exhaustive, and I have likely neglected some important partners or milestone moments along the way. So please know that I extend my sincerest thanks to you all. And please, if I’ve forgotten one of our shared moments, be sure to seek me at out WPC so we can celebrate our stories and success—in person! And now, my highlight reel of gratitude:
Thank You…
  • To the partners who invested in building a cloud business in FY12 and becoming a Cloud Accelerate partner. We appreciate you making the bet and showing your faith in us.
  • Stephen Parker and Martin Gregory for globetrotting all over Asia, leading the Cloud Business Transformation Workshops and helping other partner organizations build successful cloud practices.
  • Peter D’Almeida of N*Able, Sri Lanka, for attending our APAC Executive Summit and providing valuable and candid feedback about how we can improve our programs and offerings. We look forward to earning more of your business, and that of our other partners, by increasing the value and efficacy of our programs.
  • ​Our partners in India, Acuvate, Wipro, Sonata, Dimension Data India, Comparex India, SoftwareONE India, PC Solutions, Alliance Prosys and Embee, for taking a chance and investing a day with Chris Atkinson, Chris Sharp and India SMS&P team on our new Shiny Goals Workshop.  You were our first set of partners and we were inspired by the ambitious goals you set forth.
  • UFIDA, Inspur, Symbio and Bingo Software for co-hosting the Swedish IAMCP delegation’s visit to Beijing.
  • ​Our LAR partners for embracing the new EA Joint Selling Program to secure an amazing number of new customers through Enterprise Agreements, enrollments and subscriptions.
  • Thomas Duryea for making a bet with our Australian team and partnering on a great plan for FY13. 
  • ​Stanley Tan, Peter Lovelock and Kathlyn Tan of Global Yellow Pages Ltd for wrapping your expertise and passion for small businesses around our cloud offerings and delivering compelling offers for companies across Southeast Asia.
  • SIOS Technology for switching your business to Office 365 from that other cloud company.  We are proud of our first team win in education, securing a deal with the Osaka prefecture, the largest Office 365 deal thus far in Japan.
  • Roger Teo of Sapientia and Stephen Lo of Tellus International for not only your leadership but for taking the helm of our newest IAMCP chapters in Southeast Asia, China and Japan.
  • Nextscape for delivering successful, innovative solutions built on Azure to the Japan market.
  • Digital China for trusting our platform and migrating your smart city solutions from Linux/Oracle to Windows/SQL, and partnering with our government team to take these solutions to cities across China.
​Finally, our deepest gratitude to all the partners who worked to rebuild the businesses and lives of people who were devastated by the many natural disasters that affected our region, including the earthquakes in Wellington and Tokyo and the devastating floods in Brisbane and Thailand. Your
commitment humbles and inspires us.
To each of the organizations that sold, built, designed or deployed Microsoft-based solutions for our shared Asia customers in FY12, we are proud of our partnership and thankful for your business. We look forward to a continued partnership and to helping you build on your success in FY13—and beyond.