As 2014 draws to a close, we like to look back at some of the high points of the year. Here are five blog posts that so many of you clicked or commented on, we thought they were worth a second look:

    On August 5, Burke Fewel introduced us to the Cloud Profitability Program (CPP) with his Training Spotlight blog, "Cloud Profitability Program: Build and grow your cloud practice." He kicked off the five-blog series with a post describing the “Identifying the change imperative – understanding the new reality” CPP module. Take another look at the blog and the inspiring story from RoseBud Technologies. Want more cloud profitability information? View the full, five-part module series here.
  2. Top WPC Sessions, Kati Quigley
    Kati Quigley’s blog "Top WPC Sessions" provided a valuable recap of some of the most popular sessions from WPC 2014. Many of you followed the links to view or review sessions you found valuable, from “Winning in SMB with Cloud,” to “The Power of Effective Storytelling.” You still have the opportunity to access this valuable information. We know how beneficial it can be to revisit sessions, so we’ve made them available on-demand. Listen to session recordings and watch videos in Connect.
    Following up on her WPC main stage promise to make it easier for partners to build and grow cloud practices, GM Gavriella Schuster outlined important changes in her blog post. Read her post again for information on the new cloud competencies, details on the tools and resources we’re making available such as the “Cloud is Core” page, and improvements to Pinpoint designed to make it easier for customers to find you.
    This was an exciting year for cloud opportunities for partners, with changes to the program and other announcements. This post, “Microsoft delivers complete cloud solutions” by Phil Sorgen further expanded on important announcements. In his blog, Phil detailed how the Cloud Platform System makes building and maintaining a cloud easier and more cost-effective, and how the new Azure Marketplace is making it easier for our partners to get found by potential customers.
  5. Claim your piece of the cloud with resources from Cloud SureStep, Brent Combest

    Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, we want to help make your transition easier. In his blog, Brent Combest lays out the rich resources available to partners through the Cloud SureStep program, including “Successful Cloud Partners 2.0: What IT Solutions Providers Need to Know to Build Profitable Cloud Practices,” an ebook we worked with IDC to create. Read his summary of the ebook’s steps to achieve transformation, then follow the link to the publication itself.

We appreciate that your time is valuable (and limited!), so we want to provide you with the most valuable content possible. If you have comments about these or any posts on our blog, or if you’d like to share your ideas for blog posts you’d like to see, please let us know on our Facebook page.