For business owners or leaders or for anyone with the desire to achieve incredible results. Did achieve all your goals and targets in 2013? Did you converting your strategies into growth, revenue and profit?

If your answer is yes, then you were probably clear on your goals, and will have used a mirror to take a long hard look and ask afresh “How will we set our bar higher for 2014?” You will have undoubtedly fine-tuned your goals, identified growth barriers, updated your priorities and began the work of getting your team’s buy-in.
If your answer is no, and last year’s targets or goals were missed, then all the more reason to look in that mirror. Take good hard look and how you can improve opportunity for 2014.
If you lead a company or a team the single biggest factor influencing success is YOU. The economy, the job market, the cloud, customers, creditors, bad weather and swine flu pall into insignificance if your attitude or priorities are off, and if you fail to execute your plans.
After 30+ years of building & selling Microsoft Partners, I now work with leaders and leadership teams to help them grow their businesses. It is astounding, night and day difference, to see how people confront their obstacles and challenges. Some plough-on, working forever harder and harder; some deny reality seemingly casting a blind eye to the diminishing returns, whilst others achieve inspiring and incredible results. 
It all comes down to you. So what’s to be done?
    1. Start with the end in mind – make sure the goal is clear, shared and motivating to all involved.
    2. Look in the mirror – use an excellence framework like the 7 candles. Get your team to do their analysis on their own and then compare perspectives for a high quality “new” conversations.
    3. Define the priorities – the key cross-team “must-do” projects to change the game.
    4. Execution plan – make SMART plans for and accountability for each priority.
    5. Sales plan – nothing happens till something is sold! People typically agree that nothing is more critical than sales and most agree that winning good quality business is not easy. If these hold true for you, take a fresh look in the mirror, own what you see and put really effort into your sales planning.
As people contend with the normality of January; the opportunity is bigger than ever. This is #1 month for break-up’s and job seeking, so this year’s big winners are already up and running. Are you clear where your priorities lie and are you in the race?​