We’ve heard many times from you, Microsoft partners, that customers are no longer content to install the newest version of software simply because it’s new. Your customers are savvier than ever, and they want to know how an upgrade will truly support their business goals.

Today, we’ve released an update to Windows 8.1, and I think it is the best business platform we’ve ever shipped. Here are the features you’ve told us your customers wanted and how the Windows 8.1 Update will answer their needs:
1.       The new operating system needs to be familiar, fast, and fluid
With Windows 8.1, your customers can skip the learning curve and get back to business. The desktop environment is predictable, even for those customers moving straight from Windows 7 or XP. With Windows 8.1’s improved file explorer and task manager, and better mouse and keyboard control, customers can find, save, and share files quickly and easily. Boot directly to desktop for non-touch devices, and see the modern start screen only when you want. Additional changes to the start screen, like easier search and more intuitive mouse and keyboard controls, ensure that workers get a very familiar desktop that’s fast and fluid. 
2.       The new operating system needs to support a wide range of devices
With so many devices in the workplace, customers need to be productive across the full spectrum of devices. With Windows 8.1 Update’s ability to run on extremely small processor and memory footprints, customers can stay on-budget while still accessing the power and convenience of true mobility.
3.       The new operating system must allow access to important documents and programs anywhere, anytime
Businesses depend on uninterrupted access to their documents, contacts, and applications to stay competitive. And we know communication among teams is critical. Help your customers stay ahead with immediate, anytime access to information and, thanks to communication tools like Lync, to each other. Additionally, business grade VPN and DirectAccess capability ensure that you have access to your corporate data anytime, anywhere.
4.       The new operating system must be secure
Security add-ons can be a costly expense, but with Windows 8.1’s built-in security features, your customers can concentrate their resources on their business. BitLocker, Trusted Boot, Windows Defender, fingerprint-based biometrics, and out-of-the-box malware protection and data privacy are keeping their information safe.
This update is the perfect opportunity for partners to reintroduce Windows 8.1 to your customers and show them how this operating system will improve the way they do business. With Windows 8.1 Update, users can be productive and connected even while mobile, on devices built to address their business needs. Windows 8.1 provides increased options for IT to secure and manage mobile devices, even in bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios.
We know your customers have questions, so we’re here to support you in that conversation. Talk to your customers about how Windows 8.1 Pro delivers more of what their business needs by leveraging the resources we prepared for you:

XP and Windows 7 have served businesses well, and we understand the complexities and cost associated with desktop upgrades. But the truth is, Windows 8.1 offers so much more: your customers will be able to work faster, have greater access to their information and tools, empower their workforce to do more in more places with the devices they prefer, and enjoy the peace of mind that their information is secure and protected.​