As an executive entering the world of software development, I had no idea how extensive the Microsoft partner ecosystem was. Now as COO, I’m able to use this ecosystem to connect with partners and close any deal, small or large, encompassing our internal needs as well as those of our clients.


For example, we were looking for a new billing system to increase our productivity and we found a list of suitable partners within the Microsoft community. Yes, we are techies, but we realize the benefits of each partner focusing on their own core competencies.
On the flip side, our specialized products and consulting services around end-to-end application integration and supply chain business intelligence serve our partners as a unique value-added proposition for their clients.
Our knowledge of supply chain management best practices, combined with best-in-class technology from Microsoft, allows us to collaborate with partners to offer solutions and services. And the best part is, both companies profit.
I welcome all Microsoft partners to WPC in Canada, and hope some of you will venture to Montreal, a 50-minute plane ride away. It’s a city where partners come together to create a world of exciting opportunities for the markets they serve. It’s also where we eat poutine from Lafleur, walk around the city of 100 spires safely night and day, and show visitors how night life is really done!
– Sophie