More than 8 million business PCs and 110 million devices are already running Windows 10, with more coming online every day. It’s clear that people love Windows 10 – no version of Windows has seen faster adoption, especially among business customers.
Couple the Windows 10 platform with amazing new Surface devices, and you have a momentum powerhouse.
At the 2015 Worldwide Partner Conference, we announced our commitment to expand the number of partners selling Surface from a couple hundred to a few thousand. Today, I am happy to share that since we began expansion efforts, we’ve seen great momentum, and the number of Surface resellers has grown to nearly 5,000 across all Surface markets worldwide.
Through our partners, we are now able to offer Surface to more people around the world than ever before.
To help you, our partners, leverage and fuel this momentum, we’ve added two new programs to the Surface Enterprise Initiative:
  • Microsoft Complete for Enterprise. Based on feedback from enterprise customers, we’re pleased to announce this expansion of warranty, service, and support offered by Microsoft, directly and through our partner channel. From the ability to pool warranty claims by customer rather than by device, to a premium on-boarding experience to match the quality of those devices, your customers can invest in new Surface devices with even greater confidence through this first-party offering.
  • Trade-in program. Your customers who have considerable investment in existing assets may be interested in upgrading, but they may also be concerned about maximizing the value of those assets. This new, permanent program, available through our authorized reseller channel partners, helps remove that barrier by allowing customers to trade in old devices and apply that value toward the purchase of Surface Pro 4 units.
It’s a great time to be selling Surface devices, and we want you to be a part of that. Please visit the Windows Devices blog for more information on these new programs. And if you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to sell Surface, please go to the Microsoft Partner Network Device Partner Portal and contact an Authorized Device Distributor to learn how to become a partner.
Together with our partner community, we’re helping to make possible greater innovation, more productivity, and access to better and smarter tools. As the advantages of Windows 10 and Surface devices become apparent to this huge and growing audience, the demand and opportunities expand alongside. We’re committed to making it easier for you to leverage the momentum that’s already begun.