I have been a regular visitor to WPC since it started (and actually I started a few years earlier when it was called Fusion).

As the former, and longest serving, Worldwide President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), I have travelled the globe and met with partners of all types and flavours. During my tenure, we expanded the IAMCP from 4 countries to 40+, so my passport got lots of mileage. I love the international atmosphere at WPC because it’s like meeting the world without having to fly to more than one place – to say that WPC is an International conference sounds like an understatement!
On my travels I have often talked to partners who are dreaming about how to make it big in the US! The United States is the promised land of opportunities, and if you make it there you can make it everywhere (sorry, Frankie, for borrowing your line).
I got together with some friends and we decided to create a session at WPC that is not international at all – instead our session is very specific around how to establish your business in the US. I am blessed with several wonderful friends who have made the journey overseas and have made it in the US. In our session we will openly share the lessons that we have learnt, talk about our mistakes and our successes. The panel of entrepreneurs is a wonderful International mix of people from Australia, UK, Finland, France, and Sweden who have established their businesses all over the US.
An early learning for partners who want to establish themselves in the US is that this country is not one unified market – instead there are 50 states, and each and every one represents a market with its own legislation and culture. So partners who are dreaming about going to the United States should narrow it down and do their best due diligence to determine where to start. Don’t try to swallow all 50 states in one bite!
We also want to talk about cultural differences and how super important it is to have references within the US. But that’s easier said than done, and we want to give you a few insights into how to get those crucial early references.
Let’s continue the discussion in D.C.! See you in our session ‘Successfully entering the US market: practical strategies for bringing your business to the United States’!