When we launched our cloud offerings into market, we heard from you that we needed to aggressively improve the support we provide you to ensure you could successfully provision, deploy and service your customers with quality on our cloud offerings.  My team has worked closely with our Microsoft Services organization to execute on your request and have some exciting announcements to make on this front:

One Support Model:
We have now enabled all partner cloud support calls to route through our traditional partner support centers in most regions.  One less number you have to remember going forward and a differentiated partner experience that our call center agents are trained for.  For the partner support number for your geography, check out the listings here.               
Some partners have been raving about the new Cloud Support – here is just one example:  
“Our experience has been good, good response time and always get someone that is knowledgeable on the product.  It is always good to get someone that knows more than I do when I call support.  Good job.” – Billy Roberts, Insight
Cloud Essentials One-Click Registration:
Now you can join Cloud Essentials during your MPN enrollment through an easy one-click process.  The Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) has also been integrated into the MPN enrollment process so you get a complete view of all the program terms and conditions.  This new process requires partners to opt in to MOSPA when signing the MPN legal agreement and they will automatically enroll into Cloud Essentials. This allows our partners to enjoy a range of benefits such as internal-use software licenses for Microsoft Office 365, Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and learn how to incorporate these great services into their business.  For a full list of benefits associated with being a Cloud Essentials partner, click here.
NEW Cloud Deployment Program:
There has never been a better time for customers to move to Microsoft Office 365.  As part of ensuring our customers get the most out of this amazing technology, we have launched the Cloud deployment program to qualify and recognize partners who are experts in quality deployments of this great service.   Benefits of this program are focused specifically on the more difficult areas that a Partner would run into such as:
  • Help for when things go awry at 8pm on a Saturday night and you’re at the client’s site trying to address the issues (24×7 support).
  • Help in setting up a hybrid environment factoring in all of the permutations between the specific customer’s on premise and cloud offerings and application integration. 
  • Heavy support around federation including –  Unified Communications Federation, Identity Federation and Rich Coexistence experienced in more traditional Exchange Federation scenarios.
To read more about this new program, visit Josh Waldo’s Blog here.
We continue to aggressively work on ways to make MPN partner connections easier and more effective for you so that you maximize your time with customers and driving growth!  Please send feedback anytime and thanks for all you continue to do for and with Microsoft.