At Microsoft Virtual Academy we deliver access to technical training from Microsoft’s experts so that our customers and our partners can get the skills they need to advance their careers and amaze their customers. If you want to learn about ASP.NET MVC4, who better to learn from than Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway? If you want to master PowerShell, who better to teach you than the inventor, Jeffrey Snover? Not only are they the ultimate experts on those technologies, they are passionate members of the community and very lively instructors who really make the material come alive.  

Keeping projects on track and certifications current
The feedback we consistently get from the MVA community is that our training is really helping them achieve career goals. We keep technologists current in the latest Microsoft technologies and programming languages based on industry best practices and real world scenarios. What this means for you as a Microsoft partner is a transfer of skills and knowledge to help keep projects moving in the right direction and understand the opportunities new technologies create to evolve your portfolio of services and grow your business. Because our courses often map to the latest certification exams, we can also help in meeting competency requirements.
Built for high-quality learning experiences
We offer on-demand and live streaming courses led by instructors who not only know their stuff inside-and-out, but also know how to deliver content in a memorable way. Our live courses are typically all day events led by two instructors and supplemented by a fully moderated chat room of subject matter experts to answer your questions in real time. We have technologists join from all over the world, bringing with them a strong sense of excitement over connecting with like-minded peers and industry experts. Even when you watch the recorded, on-demand sessions all that energy comes through to create an engaging learning experience that will pull you in. To see what I mean, just check out one of our most popular classes, Getting Started with PowerShell or watch the interplay between Jerry Nixon and Daren May as they cover the finer points of XAML in Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#.
We do appreciate that people are busy and may only be able to allocate small blocks of time for training during the work week. To make it easy to consume the recorded sessions, all courses are broken down into sub-topics we call modules that are typically about 40 minutes in length. This makes it easy to dive in only on topics that are most relevant to you and skip the material you have already mastered, even if you don’t have any more time than a lunch break to squeeze it in. If you are studying for a certification exam, our training helps you quickly hone in on skills gaps and even determine whether classroom training is needed.
Managers and learners alike find a lot of value in the ways that training can be tracked and showcased. Most of our courses include self-assessments to help gauge learning progress in addition to certificates for course completion. All of this information is managed through your MVA dashboard which you can customize with personal learning plans to help you chart your course.
Did I mention that MVA is free and designed to complement your existing MPN training benefits? You’ll find MVA courses in the Microsoft partner learning paths. (Also, if you are looking to get certified to meet your competency requirements, you’ll want to take advantage of the Competency Exam Packs so you can save up to 50% on the exams.)
I hope that you’ll give MVA a try! Sign-up just takes a few minutes. You’ll find us at It would also be great to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.