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Putting your feedback into action

ISV partners, we heard you loud and clear! You need tools and resources to help you develop and scale your app or solution and get it to market and into the hands of customers, and to identify new opportunities for business growth, whether you are a small shop just getting started, or a mature company looking to innovate and grow.

Today we’re announcing Microsoft for Startups, a new initiative that takes a fundamentally different approach than other major cloud vendors. With the program, we are committing $500 million over the next two years to become the first major cloud provider to offer co-selling options to startups, along with increased technical and business support.

Concurrently, the Microsoft Partner Network is creating a new program offer that will allow startups to continue to grow their business with Microsoft after they launch their app. This offer will help ISVs of all sizes and maturity levels achieve their goals, and it will reward them for their successes.

MPN ISV offer: your gateway to success

Later this year, ISVs will be able to sign up for a new program that’s designed just for them. The ISV Starter Kit is an annual subscription that provides the tools you need, such as Azure credits, dev and test licenses, Dev Chat, on-demand technical assistance from Microsoft support engineers, and one-on-one technical consultations to help you build new apps or migrate existing ones to the cloud. You’ll have access to on-demand technical training and marketing resources that include go-to-market guidance to help ensure a smooth market entry. It’s all part of our commitment to improving your ISV experience and helping you succeed and grow.

Once your app is complete, you’ll be able to have it verified and published in one of the Microsoft customer marketplaces — AppSource or Azure Marketplace —which will qualify you for the new silver ISV competency. As a silver partner, you will have access to additional development tools and benefits, and access to co-marketing assistance to help you expand your customer reach.

As you acquire new customers and your app utilizes more of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, or Office 365, you can attain the gold ISV competency and take the first step toward being eligible to co-sell with Microsoft sellers and other partners.

ISV resources available now

If you’re an existing Microsoft Partner Network member, we have resources for ISVs available today. Take advantage of them now, and prepare for the new ISV program offers.

App Innovation Technical Services

Get development and go-to-market help from Microsoft support engineers through Dev Chat, an on-demand resource available to all ISV partners regardless of program level. You also have access to webinars and one-on-one consultations to answer all your architecture, migration and deployment questions, as well as assistance in preparing for marketplace validation and listing.

Validate your completed app on AppSource or Azure Marketplace

Have a completed SaaS app? Check out what you need to do to validate and publish it on AppSource. Find out how you can showcase your virtual machine images and solution templates to Azure customers around the world on Azure Marketplace. This validation is a key step toward meeting the technical requirements for new ISV competencies and marketing your app to thousands of Microsoft customers.

Watch for more program updates and ISV special offers as we continue our investment in helping ISVs build market-ready apps and grow their footprint.

*As of December 2018, the ISV competency is being re-evaluated and is not currently available for attainment. There is no immediate impact for partners with the ISV competency. Visit the ISV resource hub to help you develop, market, and sell your innovative apps and reach more customers.