Hi partners! This WPC is one that I want to make the most memorable for you as it will be for me. It will be my first WPC as your Experience Ambassador. Earlier in the year, I stepped into this tremendous role and can’t believe that we’re days away from the big first day in Toronto.


Partners from all corners of the world will be converging on Toronto and we’ve now confirmed that 156 countries will be represented at this year’s event. I know that the moment you step onto a plane, get on a train, or for the locals, hop in your car, your event experience begins.
I am committed to ensuring that every aspect of your WPC experience is a positive one from the moment you begin your journey to Toronto. To aid in this, we’ve been working with various airlines to negotiate flight discounts.
In late April, my team and I met in Toronto for our last big site visit to lock in the final big details, which included meetings with city leaders, venue management, and other logistics teams. We are truly focused on making this event experience one that will exceed your expectations.
For fun, here is a video​ that was shot to give you a flavor of the places in Toronto you’ll see as a backdrop of the Worldwide Partner Conference, where we’ll be together for five-days of business building, partnership, and celebration of our time in this amazing new era for Microsoft partners.
I hope you’re as excited as I am!