SQL Server 2014 expands opportunity for partners

As many of you know, the BI and Data platform market is one that continues to grow. In fact, across all key data platform workloads—OLTP, BI and data warehousing—the market for data platform software is projected to grow by an estimated 33%: that’s $56 billion, between now and 2016.*
Partners can leverage data platforms to differentiate and derive new value for their business – value through revenue growth, cost savings, or entirely new business model possibilities. With the release of SQL Server 2014, I see immense opportunity for our partners to deliver breakthrough data platform performance to customers, taking advantage of three major trends that are shaping the data platform landscape.
One of these key trends is around mission critical workloads, specifically, the focus on in-memory databases to improve performance and efficiency. One of the key enablers has been the dramatic drop in pricing for memory. Microsoft’s approach to in-memory is unique in the marketplace because it is built into the core SQL Server database rather than a separate database solution. This delivers dramatic benefits.
The second big trend is the adoption of cloud computing by customers and how the scalability and flexibility of hybrid cloud solutions enable customer innovation. This can include better and faster customer service through cloud, faster development cycles, and faster time-to-market, to name a few.
And last but not least, with the data explosion trend getting into the zetabytes, customers are looking to gain new insights on their business faster by looking at additional and larger data sets that are both internal and external.
Servian, a Microsoft partner based out of Australia, is a stand-out example of how harnessing the potential of big data has created new opportunities for their business. I connected with Tony Nicol, Managing Director, to learn more about how they’re innovating with SQL Server.
For all our partners, solutions built on SQL Server 2014 can enable vast possibilities. Now is a great time to get started with SQL Server 2014 or to update your skills. I encourage you to visit the Microsoft Partner Network Server and Cloud website to take advantage of valuable tools, resources, and training, and to try out SQL Server 2014 today.
* Source: IDC Custom Study for Microsoft; Microsoft analysis