Here in Redmond, WA, we’ve been planning for the SQL Server 2012 launch with the product team for over a year.   Here’s a quick synopsis of the journey:


  • We engaged with partners at WPC 2011 with an amazing demo of Power View (then code-named “Crescent”) and a community technical preview of what we referred to then as SQL Server “Denali.” 
  • We then began working directly with partners last August to ensure we provided targeted readiness tools and assets to help them take full advantage of the business opportunities this launch represents.
  • SQL Server 2012 licensing and pricing changes were publicly disclosed in November 2011 to ensure there was broad familiarity with the changes.
  • Finally, we released the product to manufacturing (RTM) in early February 2012.  
For those of you that have already taken advantage of the Virtual Launch Experience, you heard that the platform would be generally available this month.  We are happy to say that, as planned, SQL Server 2012 is now generally available!

I strongly encourage you, our partners, to advantage of the readiness and sales enablement assets we’ve made available through the Microsoft Partner Network, the Microsoft product launch website and via the Virtual Launch Experience.
For those who develop a SQL-based practice and achieve a related MPN competency, we anticipate that your businesses will profit from the release of this exciting data platform in any number of ways:

Create new customer opportunities
  • Develop higher-end solutions based on the increased business and technical capabilities in SQL Server 2012
  • Reach underserved business intelligence customers and business scenarios by offering rich application experiences
  • Easily and quickly develop cloud-ready solutions to enable more diversified offerings
Increase your revenue and profitability
  • Increase your deal size and profitability by scaling up your SQL solutions to Tier-1 mission critical and massive data warehousing scenarios
  • Develop solutions addressing the highest levels of security, compliance and regulations required by commercial customers
Increase your productivity & speed time to market
  • Optimize your solutions and scale on demand across on premise, private and public cloud scenarios
  • Take advantage of a single database application development experience
  • Leverage simplified application testing with distributed replay capability
  • Provide streamlined delivery of upgrades and configuration & monitoring opportunities
Be sure to visit the MPN SQL Server 2012 Product Page, the Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions page and the Server 2012 page on  Demos of the new platform are available on our partner Demo Showcase and also on If you already have an MPN Gold or Silver Competency in either Business Intelligence or Data Platform, be sure to check out the newly updated partner guidance and resources here and start using your internal use rights today.

Thanks for your investments in developing a Microsoft SQL-oriented practice and for those that haven’t yet, now is the time to seriously consider how you can take advantage of SQL Server 2012.  Achieving a competency in BI or Data Platform is a great first step.  Let us know how we can help!