We are on the cusp of the SQL Server 2012 release. It’s an exciting time as the new capabilities of this release bring new opportunities for building solutions that solve customer problems. As members of MPN, you have access to free training and resources to help you to prepare to offer your solutions to customers.
To benefit, bookmark March 7th on your calendar. This is the date of the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event, during which you will learn more about the specific features of the latest release. This online event features keynote presentations from members of the SQL Server business group as well as 30+ technical sessions that deep-dive into various capabilities of the new release.
Many of these new capabilities are focused squarely on addressing key issues we see today, including:
  • Massive data explosion – it’s estimated that every two months, more digital data is being created than has been previously created in our history
  • Consumerization of IT – the workplace today is very familiar with technology, and as a result, they demand a set of tools that help them perform work-related tasks easily on any device from anywhere
  • Information moving online to public and private clouds – when content is no longer stored on physical servers, but online, customers need it to be easily accessible and most importantly secure
SQL Server 2012 is designed to address these challenges and more, creating tremendous opportunities for you to help customers, including:
  • Running their workloads at significantly less total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Enabling data discoverability and new insights across an organization
  • Offering cloud on your customers’ terms – allowing users to access data regardless of where it resides
As a Microsoft partner, you have access to a wealth of free resources to plan how you can capitalize on these opportunities. I recommend you start with partner learning paths – available for system integrators, ISVs, LARs, VARs, distributors, and hosters. There’s also a great wealth of role-appropriate training in the Partner Learning Center showcased in this blog post.
If you can’t attend the Virtual Launch Event when it kicks off on March 7th, know that it will remain available for 90 days online, on-demand. You will also be hearing more SQL Server 2012 news following the Virtual Launch Event March 7th, so stay tuned!
Best Regards,