According to a recent IDC Study, Microsoft partners who have a “partnering mindset”, and work with other partners to increase their reputation and create more permanent relationships, are able to increase their revenue significantly more than those who do not. Specialist Center is a perfect example of a company that work with fellow partners so they can focus on what they do best, and find others who are the top in their field. In doing so they are able to provide the best possible service for their customers, improve their image as an innovative company, and become a market leader. Here is a story about one of their recent successes in partnering.

At Specialist Center, partnering provides some great new opportunities for our business. Each partner has their own competency, so by partnering with them we can focus on our main business, and delegate other services to partners who specialize in that area so that we provide the best quality for our customers. In doing this we are able to implement best practices, and increase our company’s position an innovative market leader.
We recently worked with a fellow partner: Action Centrum Edukacyjne from Poland. We had launched a new training format – classroom and self-training, targeted to busy IT Pros and technical students who have some personal experience, and wants access to test labs and video lectures on their own schedule and pace. We needed cost efficient and reliable lab infrastructure for these students with 24 hour, 7 day a week access for during their courses.  
Action Centrum provides pay-as-you-go cloud services for Microsoft courses labs. They do this with their solution CloudLabs, which provides cloud access to Microsoft Courses around the clock as well as classroom Q&A sessions under a trainer’s supervision on a weekly basis. Because the student has no online contact with a trainer for the majority of their courses, it is extremely important to provide a high level of service when they get into the classroom, and we were able to work with Action to design a special SLA for the CloudLabs service with a minimum 99.9% monthly service uptime.
The end result was that we were able to reduce the cost of the training by up to 40% for students by reducing their time required in class. We also increased their overall experience by providing them an environment where they could study, review materials, and do hands-on labs according to their personal schedule and pace, and we were able to offer our training to students from other countries and regions who could attend this webinar format.
We are believers in partners working with other partners. Our international partnership with ACTION Education Centers allowed us to use low cost technical infrastructure to provide high quality training to an extended audience of students. ACTION Education Center was also able to reach new markets and gain experience in international collaboration. ​