I recently returned from the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, where 10,000 Microsoft partners and customers from around the world gathered to learn about SharePoint 2013. There was great excitement about the new release and the features it offers.  I spoke to several SharePoint Community members about the features they are most excited about, as you can see the answers were varied, SharePoint 2013 truly offers something for everyone!

There was also significant interest in the Yammer acquisition and what that would mean for SharePoint and Social.  My colleague Rich Wood put it best in this blog post
“Make the Cloud more compelling. Yammer’s capabilities for IM, file-sharing, and other core collaboration functionality basically pale in comparison to what Microsoft already had in Lync and SharePoint—however, Yammer’s activity feed and community structure are a step or three ahead of what we see in OfficeTalk, the newsfeed present in SharePoint 2013. Yammer saw Office as “killer apps” to make social more productivity-focused, and Microsoft saw Yammer as a way to take Office into the cloud in a way that adds real value. As a big Office fan, I’m going to watch further developments in this space very closely. Office 365 is clearly the big bet (Remember: Cloud, Mobile, Social) and something for enterprises to think about now, not next year or the year after. It’s ready.”
As we look towards 2013, the Microsoft Lync Conference in San Diego in February and the Office 365 release, it’s clear that the Microsoft launch excitement will continue. I’m looking forward to sharing what can be accomplished leveraging all of Microsoft’s new product versions.  What are you most excited about?