Moving to the cloud with Microsoft has allowed us to compete on the world platform, win massive projects against large competitors, and, help our client succeed at a lower cost and in less time. Because of this, we now use cloud-first messaging with our clients, and as a result, Solidsoft has seen significant growth.

A great example of how leading with the cloud has helped our business grow, and helped us win out on a large scale is our recent win with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and Association (EFPIA). Solidsoft was selected from a field of 20 competing providers to design, develop and manage a five year, multi-million Euro solution. Our proposed solution was the ONLY solution using a 100% Windows Azure, Public Cloud.
EFPIA and its members, needed to address the growing threat of falsified medicines in the European pharmaceutical supply chain, putting the public health and safety of 500 million citizens at significant risk throughout Europe. In response to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, EFPIA wanted to put in place additional safety features including unique identification references on each individual pack of drugs that could be verified at point of dispense.
They envisioned a pan-European Electronic Medicines Verification System (EMVS) that consisted of a central European data hub that connected to a series of national data repositories. The 3,500+ drug manufacturers and wholesalers will print a unique ID on each pack of medicines they produce and sell and upload the reference details to the relevant National System of the country where the drugs will be sold, via the European hub. Pharmacists will then scan the packs prior to  dispense and thus will check against the data in the relevant National system to see if the ID reference code is valid or counterfeit before dispense can occur.
To make this vision a reality, Solidsoft has designed and is building a 100% Windows Azure Public Cloud solution which has eliminated the requirement for the creation of a physical hardware implementation. We chose Windows Azure because it offers PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS capabilities in a single platform and it provides an infinitely scalable consumption based cost model. Building the EMVS solution with Windows Azure will reduce cost, enable innovation and have a faster time to market.  
The end result? The system we are building will enable dispensing pharmacies in the 27 countries across Europe to reduce the risk of falsified medicines impacting the health and well-being of over 500, million citizens across Europe. 
For us, working with public cloud removes the barriers facing small businesses, allowing us to compete on a global scale where previously we could not have hoped to, changing the dynamics of large IT projects such as this forever. The almost limitless scale provided by the Microsoft Windows Azure platform means a solution of this scale can be delivered by Solidsoft, without a traditional infrastructure partner, as Microsoft are providing the managed infrastructure components as a service.
It’s an exciting time to be a solution provider, the advent of Public Cloud and in particular the Windows Azure platform, is enabling us to compete on equal terms with the biggest companies in the world and win! If you’re in any doubt or trying to decide if there is value transitioning your business model toward the cloud, just do it! Embrace Public Cloud and the Windows Azure platform, it really does work and will help your business be successful.​