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In my SAM&C myth-busting SAM & Compliance Audits article, I talked about some of the many benefits a Software Asset Management engagement can have for businesses looking to grow in an age of digital transformation.

At Microsoft, we like to show and not just tell, so my team has been out in the field gathering SAM stories from a wide range of customers to demonstrate the positive impact SAM engagements have had on their companies.

Software Asset Management Success in the Energy Industry

One such story involves the Canadian energy company, Alectra.

Alectra is a new company created when four local electricity distribution businesses joined forces. They’re now looking to innovate within the Canadian energy sector as the second largest municipally owned Local Distribution Company (LDC) in Canada, serving over a million customers. You can learn more about Alectra’s move to the cloud here.

The complexity of merging two companies is hard enough, but with four entities carrying different IT infrastructures, processes, and tools, Microsoft and SAM partner Inviso were on hand to help create a plan that was successful on a number of levels:

1. Understanding Assets

Going into the merger, we helped Alectra understand what assets they had, what they didn’t have, and made suggestions on what IT assets they might need for future success. Taking the heavy lifting out of collating assets meant the team at Alectra could focus on planning the perfect infrastructure for future growth.

2. Licensing Education

The SAM process created an educational opportunity for the team at Alectra to fully understand how licensing Microsoft products and services works which, in turn, enabled them to fully optimize to their needs and budgets.

3. Strategic Planning

The SAM engagement results and plan put together in partnership with Microsoft assisted Alectra in moving forward with the merger. It was very much a strategic decision and the perfect time to dedicate resources which helped smooth the way for secure growth going forward.

“The SAM engagement provided us with a complete inventory focusing on strategic cloud-based solutions that can help us move forward.”

– William Schmidt, VP of Information Services, Alectra

4. Ongoing Asset Governance

Going forward, the positive experience of flexing their SAM practice muscle has highlighted the need for Alectra to be strategic in their administration of IT, to have a continual policy of asset governance which helps them stay on top of their investments, and reduce complexity which reduces stress on their teams so the focus is on driving the business forward.

“It has allowed us to get a window into the architectures we are building, the architectures that we have, and the synergies that we are going to be able to achieve by bringing those together.”

– William Schmidt, VP of Information Services, Alectra

What I love about this story is the value Alectra got from their SAM engagement with Microsoft right across the board. With a strong need to deliver and meet shareholder and customer expectations quickly, simplifying back-end IT infrastructure to deliver exemplary service to customers seamlessly was critical.

By engaging with Microsoft when they did, Alectra not only set themselves up for success by ironing out any IT kinks such a complex merger might present, it set them up for accelerated growth as they are now well-versed in how Software Asset Management can lower costs (and stress), and increase the productivity and security of their business.

Software Asset Management Success in the Brewing Industry

Another success story I learned about recently from our team in Russia comes from Baltika Breweries, of the international Carlsberg Group.

“SAM has proved to be an extremely effective optimization tool, and now we will carry out such projects on a regular basis to understand how to use existing software, how to supplement it with Cloud technologies, and what to buy.”

– Herman Epstein, Vice President Information Technologies Eastern Europe, Baltika Breweries, Carlsberg Group

With over 7,000 employees and a thriving business to run, the company was struggling with its IT infrastructure. They needed to optimize their servers to stay competitive and integrate effectively with their parent company. Hear their story here.

Working with our SAM partner, Softline, their goals for their SAM engagement were to accurately understand their software assets, optimize their server infrastructure, and be educated in how best to utilize the cloud, organize and standardize licensing, and work towards managing their software assets on a more regular basis.

Softline listened to the team at Baltika Breweries, and came up with a plan aligned with their IT strategy that included a forecast of cost-savings for moving their server infrastructure to the cloud.

“Our company is developing, and it requires more reliability, scalability and security. Softline conducted a SAM project that helps us save considerable amounts in the workstations, software and servers.”

– Herman Epstein, Vice President Information Technologies Eastern Europe, Baltika Breweries, Carlsberg Group

Like many companies in the middle of their own digital transformation, Baltika found the SAM engagement with Microsoft and Softline to be beneficial on multiple levels. It worked for them because it wasn’t just about fixing some short-to-medium term bandwidth issues. Instead they rose to the challenge and put the discipline of IT front and center within their business. They built a roadmap that helped increase efficiencies and opportunities that will positively impact the relationship with their parent company, employees, and end-customers alike.

Want to learn how SAM done right is a strategic advantage to you and your customers? Come join me and Carlsberg Group CIO Mr. Herman Epstein at the Microsoft Inspire SAM keynote on July 10th, and stay connected with the SAM Community on MPC!