Last month we hosted our first-ever live subject-matter-expert (SME) webcast, How to Use Digital Advertising to Drive Leads for Your Cloud Practice, featuring the Bing Ads team. The next session is coming up November 18. Before I get into those details, let me provide you with a bit more background about these webcasts.

The SME webcast sessions are designed to give you a direct line into a business group at Microsoft, to get more info about a product, program, exam, etc.
In addition to an audio presentation, there’s a real-time chat Q&A where you can ask questions of the business group and get answers right away. We love connecting you directly with the people at Microsoft that you have questions for, so this is one of our favorite portions of the SME webcast series.
The next webcast is scheduled for November 18 at 8:30 a.m. The topic is Learning Paths and Plans. Mary Sutton of my team and I will lead the call and Q&A. Here are some topics we’ll discuss:
  • As a Microsoft partner, you may be awash in a sea of content on many different sites… how can you find what you need, in one place?
  • How can you create learning plans for groups of people, such as your team or entire company?
  • How can you ensure your teams complete their training?
  • How can you ensure that everyone completes the same courses and earns the same accreditations?
  • How can you schedule training in a private setting on a timeline that you set?
Come to the November 18 session to find out more about the learning path and plan tools, and how you can best use them. And bring your questions for us!
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