Hello partners,

In the news we hear a lot about billion dollar companies doing big business with other billion dollar companies. But for the millions of Microsoft customers who need help with their small to medium size business, smaller partners are often their unsung heroes. With so many technology choices facing SMBs, partners bring relevant business solutions to life for customers around the world, and in many ways you make those solutions better. Our many smaller partners make the Microsoft partner ecosystem the most robust and active in the industry.

So it is with great pleasure that I tell you that, starting today, smaller partners will see expanded support and benefits through the Microsoft Partner Network’s redesigned Action Pack.

The new Action Pack was designed based on partner feedback. We heard your need for a single subscription that is organized around the way you do business. Action Pack now provides simple and flexible resources that can grow and evolve with you, whether you’re focused on providing cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions. You asked for training customized to your needs, and for added technical advisory support to provide much-needed help with those complex customer scenarios. Those benefits are now embedded in Action Pack.

Cloud is Core

It’s stunning how fast our customers are moving to cloud and how quickly partners are adapting to meet their demand. Many partners in the SMB space are developing multiple, varied practices to stay viable in this quickly changing landscape. Some are exploring entirely new business models that heighten their ability to develop and deliver complete, modern, flexible and cloud-based solutions to customers. Action Pack puts cloud at the core of all program benefits, including Internal Use Rights (IURs) for Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Intune and Windows Azure. We hear time and time again that running your own business with these solutions helps you sell better and provide better services to your customers.

Whether you are structuring your company to include cloud solutions for your customers, or moving into Managed Services by providing helpdesk services on top of those solutions, you should expect Microsoft to provide you with unmatched benefits and support for your business. Action Pack is priced similarly worldwide. In the United States the cost of Microsoft Action Pack is $475 and offers partners resources and benefits that can reach over $40,000 USD in value. That includes cloud IURs, earnable advisory hours and a variety of support and training. Check out Julie Bennani’s blog to learn more about the specific benefits you receive with Action Pack. You can start taking advantage of the new benefits here.

The industry is changing rapidly and those of us who want to succeed in the long-term must change with it. It has its challenges to be sure…challenges for you, for Microsoft and for our customers. What hasn’t changed is that Microsoft knows that partners are the best way to bring best in class solutions to SMB customers, and the Microsoft Partner Network is here to support you every step of the way.

I want to thank all of the partners who have been closely involved in driving these improvements. From new resource centers to specific benefits, partners have had meaningful and insightful input at every point.

I encourage all of our Action Pack partners to take this opportunity to discover and use all of the value offered to you as a Microsoft partner. Your success is our success.