If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a really great demo worth? Demos allow you to show a customer how Microsoft Office 365 can increase employee productivity, allow greater collaboration, boost security, and accommodate a wide range of devices and working styles – all before they commit to a full installation.
Like you, we want the customer to be the focus point of every sales conversation. The demos available at MicrosoftOfficeDemos.com are set up to position the customer and their business needs, goals, and challenges directly at the center. Demos speak to pain points that are common among customers and offer solutions that truly address those specific challenges.
For example, the Office 365 Enterprise Hero Demo starts by acknowledging a problem we can all sympathize with – the overcrowded email inbox – then goes on to show how customer “Katie” can enjoy a cleaner, quicker, and more streamlined experience on the Office Outlook platform. Personas like Katie personalize the experience to make it easier for your customers to absorb the wealth of information and apply what they’re seeing to their own experience. When you set up demos for your particular client, you can optimize the content and features according to the user’s role and needs.
To maximize the effectiveness of the demo, tailor the demo environment according to customer-relevant criteria. To start, you can choose from:
  • Standard Office 365 (Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, and Lync).
  • Productivity Solution (Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Power BI) for sales teams.
  • Industry specific Office 365 (choose from Retail, HR, Higher Education, Financial Services, and more)
Next, tailor the demo for the user to unlock features specific to that user. To really personalize the experience, you can replace the existing persona’s photo, display name, and email alias with that of your customer. Comprehensive demo guides allow you and your customer to explore the full range of Office 365 solutions, and talking scripts help your salespeople stay conversation-ready.
In order to make set-up as quick and easy as possible, we’ve created this step-by-step video to guide you through building your first demo environment. Then start by clicking on the Get Demo page. Your personalized Office demo environment uses the following:
  • Office 365 Enterprise SKU trial tenant (subject to trial restrictions) or a Microsoft Azure VHD environment
  • Office Enterprise Hero Demo Guide, available from the Resources page
Note: Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines are available for those who cannot use Office 365 to perform their demos.
With help from the resources at MicrosoftOfficeDemos.com, you can deliver effective demos that demonstrate both the breadth and precision of Microsoft Office 365 solutions for your customers. Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions or contact the MOD Support Team via the Support tool.
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