Hello Partners!

The session catalog debuted last week, and I am excited to begin rolling out valuable content so you can start thinking about how you want to structure your experience at WPC 2014. We are continually adding sessions, so stay tuned for weekly additions. As you’ve heard me reiterate, we are focused on five industry trends: Big Data, Cloud, Mobility & Devices, Enterprise Social, and Leadership, Sales & Marketing. These key market trends represent current areas of opportunity for partners.

One fantastic opportunity is taking advantage of our leadership track that will bring you well-known experts versed on a wide variety of topics that will help you become a stronger leader. The session “Building a Culture of Innovation Over Mediocrity” will teach you how to lead with customer experience in mind, engage a more connected and sophisticated workforce, and survive “Digital Darwinism” by teaching businesses to invest in a culture of innovation.
This is just one of many examples as we roll out our robust offering of sessions that are important to you and your business. At the core of our team’s work for WPC 2014 is the idea of providing opportunities for you to learn how Microsoft solutions can propel your business to the next level. Start engaging early and continue the conversation in WPC Connect, where you can meet like-minded individuals, hear differing opinions and establish new contacts, all in one place!
Now is your chance to register for WPC 2014! The registration price increases after April 24, so register now and save!