Windows 8.1 Enterprise provides IT professionals with a reliable and manageable infrastructure for today’s changing and increasingly mobile work styles. It’s the fastest and most secure OS from Microsoft for desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Are your enterprise customers using Windows 8.1? If not, it’s time to talk with them about an upgrade.
MPN Training has new resources to help you sell Windows 8.1 Devices to your commercial customers.
Where can I take the training?
Your first resource is this learning path dedicated to Selling Windows 8 Devices.
On that path, you’ll find the Selling Windows 8 Devices to Commercial Customers training course – which is available on-demand through the Partner Learning Center (PLC) and is offered in 11 languages.
Note that the Selling Windows 8 Devices to Commercial Customers training module will replace the Winning with Devices training in the Devices and Deployment and Small Business learning paths and assessments over the next few months.
The learning path also links to an additional assessment, which helps you test and validate your knowledge.
Who should take this training – and why?
Anyone selling Windows devices should consider this training as it tests your knowledge of the Microsoft device strategy. And the Sales Assessment for Device Sellers is now a requirement to attain both the Microsoft OEM competency and the Devices and Deployment competency.
More resources
What’s New in Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals: This on-demand Jump Start training shows how customers can become more productive using a Windows 8.1 enterprise desktop environment – making the case for an upgrade from Windows XP or Windows 7.
What’s New in Windows 8.1 Security: Help answer customer questions about the security features in Windows 8.1 including authentication multifactor access control, tamper resistant hardware through UEFI, TPM, pervasive encryption, and protecting corporate data.