As the new Communications Chair for the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), I’d like to introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about the editorial contributions you’ll be seeing here, in the Perspectives blog, from IAMCP chapter members.

More than ever, IAMCP continues to work with other partners and Microsoft in a mutually beneficial manner that helps all of our businesses succeed. My focus is to bring you these success stories that are the fruit of this partnership.
Why did I join IAMCP? Three years ago I decided that I wanted to meet other Microsoft partners in the ecosystem. It’s been my experience that the best work and the best solutions for customers have come when partners work together.
Whether your business is focused on selling specific solutions, or your customers represent one or two verticals, or your business is servicing a single geographical location, by working together – partnering – you can successfully expand your business in a much more scalable way than you might otherwise.
In business, finding a trusted partner can be daunting. Finding other professionals who share your same business values, including a pursuit for excellence is not always the easiest thing. This is where the power of community comes in, and IAMCP is a global community that is available no matter where your business is based. Through the chapters, you can network and find other partners who share your same business goals, and your drive to win.
I am now involved in the IAMCP more than ever, and it’s been good for me, and good for my company and its business objectives.
So I am pleased to be involved with IAMCP and Microsoft communications efforts this year and look forward to bringing you the stories and information that are at the core of this partnership.
Join us at one of the many chapter meetings that exist around the world.
I really hope that you’ll benefit from hearing about our experiences partnering together. Check back here for our upcoming posts.