WPC is almost here. As we reach the final days before the event, we’re spotlighting five Country Partner of the Year award winners who’ll be attending this year.
New Signature: Microsoft Gold Partner, Washington, DC, United States
New Signature is a pure-play Microsoft partner, highly focused on competitive situations. In our local districts, Microsoft sellers and SSPs bring New Signature into all high-profile compete situations because of our successful track record. To help the local sales teams win against the competition, we make heavy investments in co-marketing and technical and sales support. We are very interested in sales and marketing strategies that help us demonstrate the advantages of Microsoft services and devices to customers.
One such advantage is the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). We were first exposed to CIE at one of the WPCs we’ve attended. We were immediately impressed with the persuasive power of experiencing Microsoft products first-hand. When knowledgeable CIE moderators demonstrate Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Dynamics CRM, business leaders experience these Microsoft technologies up close in a natural, comfortable setting. It creates an emotional connection to the technology—making them more likely to purchase.
Our belief in the power of CIE was reinforced this past year when we helped win a competitive opportunity that resulted in the customer purchasing 14,000 seats of Office 365 to support employees in their headquarters and almost 1,000 retail stores.
When we entered the process, a competitor had just completed a lengthy pilot with the customer, comparing their offerings with legacy products that didn’t reflect what Microsoft could provide the customer today. Alternatively, we were able to give the company leadership an opportunity to experience the CIE and see for themselves the business and economic benefits of the modern desktop and Microsoft cloud services. Our Microsoft Certified Trainers demonstrated the platform’s power, scale and ease-of-use by delivering a “day in the life,” immersive, hands-on demonstration to attendees. Through the CIE, attendees leveraged the modern desktop and Microsoft cloud services to successfully complete various true-to-life scenarios tailored to their industry and business. This resulted in lots of “wow” moments as they understood how this would change the way their company did business and provide a competitive advantage. 
Attending WPC not only introduces us to new innovations in sales such as CIE, it also gives us an opportunity to better understand Microsoft’s strategic direction for the coming fiscal year, and build a successful go-to-market strategy that capitalizes on Microsoft’s planned investments in marketing and product development. We also get to meet with strategic partners and build relationships that accelerate growth through co-marketing and co-selling initiatives. And we benefit greatly from skills and practice development across the board in technical, sales, marketing and operational capabilities.
WPC is an amazing event that energizes and excites us in preparation for the new fiscal year. Each year we see WPC as an essential part of our development – not just as a Microsoft partner, but as a profitable and sustainable business.
New Signature is a Microsoft National System Integrator headquartered in Washington, DC with employees in eleven states and the District of Columbia. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences to small, mid-sized, and enterprise customers, helping them align technology to business need, and guiding them through making major Microsoft investment decisions. They then provide hands-on IT expertise to deliver outstanding Microsoft solutions. In 2014, New Signature was recognized as the Microsoft United States Partner of the Year. You can learn more about them at www.newsignature.com.​