WPC is almost here. As we reach the final days before the event, we’re spotlighting five Country Partner of the Year award winners who’ll be attending this year.
Dot Net Solutions: Microsoft Gold Partner, London, UK
WPC is an essential part of the Dot Net executive team’s calendar. Over the course of a week, more business will be done, more meetings had, and more networking achieved than in the rest of the year combined.
But it’s also an environment where we can step back from our day to day activities and take a broader view. A week at WPC provides invaluable time to focus on planning, strategy and aligning our go-to-market strategy with Microsoft’s.
What led us here?
Several years ago we saw that companies in our market faced serious external challenges while managing aging IT infrastructures and applications portfolios. To decrease costs and risks while increasing flexibility and innovation, many of them were turning to cloud technologies.
We responded to these changes we saw in the market, focusing the company on developing cloud applications. And we realized that with more than 15 years of advanced data center development on a global scale, offering more than 200 services 24×7, and with the world’s most widely-adopted applications, Microsoft was in a unique position to help us address the needs of the marketplace.
So in 2010, we transformed Dot Net Solutions into a cloud-first company centered on Windows Azure’s PaaS capabilities with the aim of becoming Microsoft’s #1 Azure partner. Since then, Dot Net’s investment in a new Infrastructure Cloud practice and Cloud Managed Platform offering have enabled us to attract new business as never before.
Today, we have a two-pronged strategy of cohesive workplace and customer engagement solutions. Along with solutions for general business improvement, this enables us to help increase our customers’ ability to execute efficiently in this highly digitized market. And the continued support that Microsoft provides as part of their partnership with Dot Net is vital in creating sustainable growth opportunities.
Each year, WPC is a fantastic experience for Dot Net. We look forward to meeting you there.
For more information about Dot Net Solutions products and services, call them at 0845-402-1752, email hello@dotnetsolutions.co.uk or visit the website at http://dotnetsolutions.co.uk. ​