Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 is coming in July—our annual, global convergence of Microsoft’s top partners. In advance of this exciting event, we’re spotlighting five Country Partner of the Year award winners who’ll be attending this year, one for each region.
Combis: Microsoft Gold Partner, Croatia
If anyone wants to know the benefit of being a Microsoft partner, we’ll just tell them this: In the last four years, amid the economic downturn in our region, Microsoft-related revenue at Combis doubled. How? Name recognition, a wide technology portfolio—and great networking opportunities like WPC.
Approximately 20% of our business is connected to Microsoft, including LSP licensing, system integration services, application development, business applications (CRM), and much more. We were the first Cloud Deployment partner in Croatia, the first Black Belt partner, and the only partner in our region that’s part of the Rapid Deployment Program.
Where’s the business heading? We realized early the importance and potential of cloud and decided to get involved in developing, supplying, and consulting on cloud solutions, making cloud one of our strategies. As a result, cloud is definitely our fastest growing area of business at Combis, with a year over year increase of more than 300%. Because we’ve been working with cloud solutions for a while, we are able to offer innovative solutions that fit the needs and budget of our market. Our clients are small in size which often excludes them from economies of scale, but the flexibility that comes with experience, coupled with the capabilities of the cloud, allows us to optimize and push prices down. For example, we developed ComCloud – our multi-service, multi-tenant public cloud solution – to be modular. Customers choose the services they want while enjoying the security of Citrix technology; it allows them to transition to the cloud as their abilities and budget allow.
We also expect Office 365 sales to increase more than 200% compared to the last year results. It’s a tremendous level of success, made possible through close cooperation with our local Microsoft office on both sales and technical efforts.
We have found that  building mutually beneficial relationships with others, including Microsoft and other partners, is critical to our success. As we partner with other organizations to develop solutions in the Adriatic markets, we appreciate even more the opportunities contacts provide one another. That’s one of the reasons we’re making the investment to attend WPC this year. We also know that when you’re driving new business, reputation is everything. IDC named us the leading system integrator in Adriatics, and the top IT company in service delivery in Croatia, and we recently learned that we will be recognized with a 2014 Country Partner of the Year award. This takes us to a new level of visibility, so we’re also pleased and honored to join our peers from around the world at WPC this year to receive it.
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