Let’s say you’re a service provider, looking to maximize your cloud opportunities. If you could more easily….
    1. Select the right licenses for your customers,
    1. Better understand cloud economics and what it takes to be successful,
    1. Get help with marketing and go-to-market support, and
  1. Offer your customers the convenient, aggregated solutions they need,
would you?
It’s easier than you might think: rhipe Ltd is helping its partner channel do all that, and more.

rhipe + Cloud Service Provider partners = powerful channel

A born-in-the-cloud licensing aggregator, rhipe recently became an indirect Cloud Services Provider (CSP) partner and could not be more excited about the opportunity this offers their organization and the partners they serve.
rhipe has 12 years’ experience working with 1,500 service providers in Asia to help them maximize their opportunities in the cloud, but the company wanted the ability to make it possible for its partners to offer even more to their customers. As an indirect CSP partner, they’re able to help their partners overcome some of the biggest obstacles to success in the cloud.
Here’s how they’re doing it:

A fresh approach

The way we sell tech products is undergoing a massive sea change, and many providers are finding it challenging to reach decision makers where they are.
rhipe is helping to solve that problem by providing their partners with significant marketing and go-to-market support. They start by helping partners understand where their customers are listening, and then create marketing campaigns using relevant tactics – including digital marketing, social media support, telemarketing, and events – to help partners reach their desired audience.
But their thoughtful, unique approach to marketing doesn’t end there.
When I first witnessed rhipe’s marketing skills at the Australia Partner Conference in September, I was impressed. From the interpretive dancers in front of their booth acting out rhipe’s core values, to the unique treats used to entice people to join in on the action, there was always a lot of action and energy in their space—and being successful as a cloud services provider takes just that.

Stephen Parker, VP, market research, rhipe ltd., and me at the Australia Partner Conference.
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