​You might have seen that the Microsoft Partner Program went through some significant and exciting changes on Monday, February 24. The first of these changes put cloud at the core of all of our program benefits.


As of February 24, all Microsoft Action Pack and competency partners now have access to Microsoft Internal Use Rights for our cloud solutions such as Office 365, Azure, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Intune and Windows Azure. Partners will have the power to deploy their internal use rights benefit allotment the way they choose – online, on-premises or in combination, our unique hybrid model.

According to a recent IDC study, cloud-oriented partners significantly outperform their peers with “higher revenue [per] employee, higher gross profit, higher customer acquisition and faster growth.”


So, how can you take advantage of this benefit?

While we have retired the Cloud Essentials program as part of the integration of cloud into the new universal Action Pack subscription, Cloud Essentials partners will have until June 30, 2014 to evaluate and pick the transition path that best fits their needs – they can transition into either Action Pack or into a competency – and continue to use the cloud internal use benefit.

You have choices, and in order to help you make the right one for your business, we have a wealth of resources to guide you through the process.

For our Cloud Essentials partners who will transition into the Microsoft Action Pack or a competency, the Online Services Internal Use Rights Transition Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to transition your internal use rights benefits into your new program. It also includes instructions for Cloud Accelerate and Small Business competency partners and those seeking additional CRM Online licenses. In addition, we have a Step-by-Step How to Transition video.

The Product Usage Guide provides Action Pack and competency partners an overview of the software and cloud services benefits available through the program.

The Program Administrator Guide is intended to provide you with an overview of the program administrator role and responsibilities for the software and online services benefits your organization.

Our Program End-User Guide offers an overview of benefits, privileges you may have been assigned, as well as instruction on how to access those benefits.

If, after reviewing the documents, you have further questions or need assistance, please contact your Partner Support Community (MPN login required to access).


While we will continue to make changes to our program that help partners actively pursue new opportunities, we are working to bring a new focus on simplicity and ease of doing business. Our continued focus on delivering a program that helps our partners pursue new and emerging opportunities, while balancing their existing business needs, has afforded us the largest and most successful partner ecosystem in the industry.


We appreciate the dedication and continued excellence of our partners. Thank you for your continued partnership.