I’m proud of the benefits we are able to offer for our partners like support, advisory hours, training, marketing and Internal Use Rights (IURs) because I know these things can have a very positive impact on your business and profitability. For example, we’ve seen that partners who use their IURs for Office 365 in their own businesses are three times more successful at selling it. However, these benefits can only make an impact if partners are able to use and implement them, which, according to our numbers, many of you are not. You’ve told us that transitioning your organizations to Office 365 requires time that is better spent on your customers’ journeys to the cloud rather than your own.
We know leveraging IURs can jump start your success, so we want to make it easy for you. Today I’m excited to share with you that through June 30, 2015, Action Pack subscription and competency partners can take advantage of SkyKick’s Migration Suite to migrate your business to Office 365 for free on up to 500 seats.
SkyKick’s Migration Suite is an application that automates 90% of your migration to Office 365, from planning to PC set up. Because data migration and set up are done prior to moving the DNS record, there’s no downtime and less risk, and you maintain control of the project and your data. The SkyKick Outlook Assistant updates your users’ computers, migrates local data, retains your users’ Outlook settings, and connects to Office 365 automatically. From an end-user perspective, the move is seamless, with no downtime.
We are offering this to you because we believe you’ll experience the following five benefits which will result in you being able to use Office 365 in your business, and be more successful:
  1. You’ll reduce the overall time of a typical migration from 40 hours to 4 hours.
  2. You can plan and manage multiple migrations at the same time from a single platform.
  3. The automated process reduces the possibility of errors.
  4. Deploying the Migration Suite internally prepares your team to deploy Office 365 for your customers with the same speed and ease.
  5. Using Office 365 internally will help your team become familiar with the solution, resulting in increased efficiencies, sales, and profitability.
With this offer, eligible partners have free use of SkyKick Migration Suite for up to 500 seats for your own internal use. The SkyKick Migration Offer reduces or eliminates many of the barriers to Office 365 adoption and gives you access to a powerful deployment capability that thousands of your fellow partners have already leveraged to move themselves and their customers to the cloud.
  1. Begin by activating your Office 365 IUR key, then learn more about activating Office 365 IURs.
  2. Then go directly to the SkyKick Migration Offer to take advantage of this unique benefit.
I hope you all have an opportunity to take advantage of this offer and can get started using your Office 365 and all of your Internal Use Rights soon. The sooner you start to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, the more natural it will be to enable and support your own customers.
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