Hello Partners!


I just watched the recap video of WPC 2012 that was recently posted on Digital WPC. It helped to remind me about what our leaders said back in July – how exciting it is to see how far we’ve come since we first talked about Windows 8, how this is a huge year for Office with the most ambitious release ever done, and how we’re building out the most comprehensive cloud offerings available. It’s definitely a new era of technology and a new era at Microsoft.
If you haven’t already perused the decks from the sessions at WPC 2012, I hope you’ll take a peek at all of the information available via WPC Connect. Over the next several weeks, I’ll share with you some key takeaways that were presented during the incredible sessions held at WPC. I was just reading through the deck put together by Andrea Sittig-Rolf who presented a session titled, Chocolate, It’s not just for Breakfast Anymore: Sweet Bites of Sales Advice. In her presentation, Andrea talked about developing the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and encouraged partners to develop survey questions and to leverage this detail to gain new clients. As I think about how we can continue to grow WPC and attract new partners to attend, these insights are helping me to develop my plan for FY13.
Andrea encourages the use of developing case studies based on a formula of:
Customer -> Business -> Challenge -> Solution -> Result -> Testimonial
I think this is strong advice and one that I think could help you to prepare a plan to develop new business and win in FY13. It’s a great example and something that I’m considering, too.
One other piece of information that Andrea shared was how to utilize spheres of influence. This is a key topic on my team right now because we believe partners who share their experience about WPC with one another are incredible promoters of the WPC experience. We are looking to enhance the partner community experience while leveraging social channels and sharing more about what partners think and feel about WPC.
Take a moment to relive Andrea’s sweet bites of advice via WPC Connect. Once you login, select “my schedule,” then click the green session documents button and search for her deck: BL18. Enjoy!