We are coming off of an amazing week at the 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C. This year’s conference certainly exceeded my expectations, and this was the same feedback I heard from many of the partners I spoke with. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on last week and provide some video resources for those of you who were not able to make the journey to WPC 2014.

Earlier this month I wrote the blog post “How will WPC help your business this year?” In that post I touched on three things that partners wanted to get out of WPC 2014. The first was, “I want to build a more profitable business.” After speaking with many partners last week, I know that this is top of mind for everyone. There were several sessions that really highlighted how the Cloud brings new opportunity to make money – and more reliable money. You’ll want to check out the session led by Brian Cook, from Nintex, titled Transform your business from IT consulting services to cloud ISV where he discussed how Nintex secured funding from a venture capitalist firm. Nintex has a very powerful story and shared the specific attributes that are appealing to VC firms: rapid growth, strong distribution models, large addressable market, high gross margin and easily predictable revenue.
The second piece of partner feedback was “I want to hear from other Partners, not just Microsoft” – As I mentioned previously, no one knows more about running a successful cloud practice more than a successful cloud partner. We were fortunate to have many successful partners sharing their own stories and recipes for success in 10 different sessions. I strongly encourage you to check out the videos below as these partners are offering great insights into what does and does not work in building a profitable cloud business.
Lastly, many of you said “I want to know where the industry is going so I can be prepared” – We were very fortunate to have some of the best industry analysts at WPC this year. Darren Bibby, IDC VP of Channels and Alliances led the Successful cloud partners 2.0: What successful partners are doing to build profitable cloud businesses. In this session Darren dived into the insights gained from the Cloud Partner Profitability eBook published earlier this year. The latest IDC research is projecting worldwide public IT cloud services revenue to reach US$107.2 billion in 2017 with 5 times the growth of the IT industry overall. The IDC research found trending insights into how successful cloud partners have not only changed their business strategy, but they have also changed how they market and how they sell.
We also had Tiffani Bova, VP at Gartner, who has a great viewpoint on how the cloud has changed the engagement model, which ultimately changes how customers purchase. She spoke to this when she was featured in the Vision Keynote and discussed the Future of sales: Creating new buyer experiences.
I highly encourage you to make a small investment of your time and watch these sessions, as it will certainly pay off.