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This blog was updated on 8/5/2016.

At the Microsoft Partner Network, we constantly strive to help you get your services and solutions to the customers who we know are looking for them. Here are two recommended resources that will help you get your organization and your solutions more market share than ever before:

1. Microsoft Partner Community

One of the best resources available to you as a member of the MPN is your fellow partners. We know that you and your fellow partners have a wealth of information, innovation and opportunity–use the Microsoft Partner Community to connect and share that wealth with partners around the world. This platform is a great place to share your story, start conversations on what’s top of mind for you, discuss best practices, and explore business opportunities together. Leverage the unique, unparalleled resource of MPN to make valuable connections, get your name out there, and grow your business.

2. Web Content Syndication

Maintaining a website can be a huge undertaking, and we know that this undertaking can be further complicated by limited resources. Use the Microsoft Web Content Syndication tool to find pre-made, ready-to-go content that you can use to update your digital marketing campaigns. You’ll find banners, microsite content, and many more resources, all covering a range of solutions. Search by product area, target market, and solution area to find just the right message for your customers and prospects.

For more great resources, explore all of the Microsoft Partner Network Resource and Support blogs.

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