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With millions of apps on the market, and new, smarter technology solutions being created every day, maintaining momentum as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) can be, to put it simply, challenging. It’s not enough to just find success—there’s a new “app for that” being created every day, and it’s crucial that you find ways to continue to stand out from the crowd.

To help you overcome the business challenges you might encounter as an ISV in today’s incredibly competitive market, here are three tools we recommend you check out:

1. Virtual classroom

Need to brush up on some skills or train your team on the latest technology? Learn about Office 365, Azure, and hybrid cloud solutions with the ISV and Application Builder virtual classroom. Here you’ll find training and workshops on everything from the fundamentals of Azure to on-demand, tailored Office 365 trainings, hosted by product team members. Tune in to Azure Fridays to hear from and chat with enterprise and cloud computing experts.

2. ISV financial model

If you’re looking for ways to drive better results, you know that understanding your business financials from end to end is crucial to achieving maximum profitability. Download this detailed financial model for ISVs to track and grow your profitability. Measure key variables, keep tabs on your profit and losses, and track your customer growth year over year. Be sure to see the definitions tab for insight on any KPIs or variables you’d like to get a deeper understanding of, and see what the typical ranges look like in those categories.

3. ISV Go to Market materials

Standing out from the (quite large) crowd is nearly impossible without getting your name out there and making some noise in the market. Find competitive, partner readiness, and sales resources within our ISV Go to Market materials to start getting the messages you want customers to hear out there. Download the Digital Readiness Guidebook to learn about building effective landing pages and websites and how to use SEO and SEM. Then download the Marketing Planning Guidebook for a full how-to guide to get started with your marketing planning and ensure successful campaigns.

Start using these tools for ISVs today to take your business to the next level and stand out from the crowd. And remember, the ISV and Application Builder Center is a great place to find a wealth of even more tools, trainings, and tips for ISVs.

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