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Hello, partners! In our ongoing efforts to support you in your business growth, we want to share with you three Microsoft Partner Network resources we think you’ll find valuable:

MPN 101: How to create a custom learning path for your team

With Learning Paths, Microsoft partners have unlimited access to accreditation and certification resources. See step-by-step instructions and learn how to create a custom learning path for your team with the newly updated MPN 101 video. To begin, you can choose from a set of curated training modules or create your own customized Learning Path based on your team’s needs. Get started creating your team’s Learning Paths today and see why it pays to be an expert.

Worldwide Partner Conference Business Justification template

To help you show the value of WPC, we’ve created our WPC Business Justification email template. Help the decision-makers at your organization understand that you’ll have access to more partners and more networking opportunities than at any other single event. Let them know you’ll be attending sessions with some of the most innovative thought leaders out there. Tell them about the insights you’ll gain into Microsoft’s vision for the road ahead at the keynotes, and reveal the broad range of demonstrations and conversations you’ll experience in the Expo Hall!

(Bonus: if they want to join you, you can let them know there may be promotions or discounts for registering early!)

Part 2 of the Microsoft Modern Partner Series: Differentiate to Stand Out

Differentiate your offerings to stand out as the best solution provider to meet your customers’ needs. Find out how by downloading the new IDC eBook, Part 2 of the Microsoft Modern Partner Series: Differentiate to Stand Out. Learn to identify key verticals and focus your efforts to maximize your resources. Plus get ideas on how to develop intellectual property (IP) and build partner relationships to expand your reach and build your bottom line.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the MPN resources we’ve highlighted, and we’d love to know what resources you rely on as you build your business. Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter and share your favorites with us and your partner community!

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