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Welcome to the new age of sales and talent management. With the announcement of new Dynamics 365 integrations with LinkedIn, we are raising the bar for salespeople and HR professionals everywhere to tap into their professional networks and relationships, improve their pipeline, and become more effective each and every day. This is true digital transformation in action.

Today, we are proud to host Microsoft Business Forward to discuss that transformation and to hear from leaders in a variety of industries about the steps they’re taking to reimagine how they operate, innovate, and compete. We’re also demonstrating for the first time how new Dynamics 365 solutions and integrations with LinkedIn are designed to help you drive your business forward. These new solutions open doors by accessing the best talent, optimizing sales operations, and closing deals more quickly.

A New Relationship – Sales Solutions and Talent Solutions for Partners

Microsoft partners are on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing industry. They experience disruptive technology in real time and are often the first to experience the revolutionary changes such technologies bring to their unique verticals. We project that the next big wave of disruptive technology is going to come from the ability to look at and apply social data to create new opportunities, for partners and for businesses everywhere.

Here are two big changes we see on the horizon for Dynamics 365 users and partners, following the new LinkedIn integrations announced last week.

Improved Sales Operations

Salespeople spend a lot of time jumping between different sales systems. But with the new integration of Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sellers can make dramatic improvements to that process and close deals more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why this integration is a modern sales revolution.

  • Users can more effectively leverage customer data across email, CRM, and LinkedIn to get contextual recommendations for the next best action within Dynamics 365 for Sales. This, in turn, will enable introductions directly through the company’s network, through sending InMail, direct messages, and even customized connection requests.
  • Sellers can engage buyers with customized content and make pivotal account and lead updates based on news mentions and job changes.
  • Users can build stronger relationships with their existing contacts through ready access to LinkedIn profile details, including photos, current roles, and work history.

Bridging the Talent Gap

Accessing top talent is an ongoing challenge for businesses everywhere. But the new Dynamics 365 for Talent solution together with LinkedIn Recruiter will redefine the modern HR experience in several ways:

  • Hiring managers will be able to access the best talent, more quickly, with LinkedIn Recruiter integrations that offer dynamic candidate profiles and the most up-to-date information possible.
  • The software enables employers to deliver more personalized onboarding experiences that accelerate a new employees’ ability to deliver impact with targeted activities and learning resources, along with access to relevant contacts.
  • HR professionals can maintain an up-to-date view of employee experiences through a consolidated HR profile spanning Office 365, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn profile information.
  • Businesses can drive operational excellence, measure business impact, and improve program effectiveness with integrated intelligence that will maximize your human resources.

Offer Details: More to Come this July!

Starting at only $135 per seat per month before volume discounts, the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution is by far the most compelling offer in the CRM market today. On July 1st, 2017 both Microsoft and LinkedIn sales teams will begin selling the new integration and will officially change what it means to understand customer and talent relationships.

To prepare partners to best take advantage of this new offer, readiness training is now available through a Blitz On-Demand recording, along with others relating to the July update. Also of interest is the Dynamics 365 Live Virtual Training scheduled for May 15th at 8 am PDT for Dynamics SSPs.

We see these new integrations as real game changers that can help Microsoft and its partners to enable digital transformation for businesses everywhere. We look forward to seeing how you make the most of this exciting new opportunity.

What questions do you have about the new Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn integrations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.