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A check-in as we enter late summer on the northern hemisphere. It’s time to put everything we learned at WPC 2012 into action.
The Worldwide Partner Group team is already full steam ahead planning for WPC 2013 in Houston. And it’s never too early to secure your place at the conference. In fact, it’s a smart move to plan to grab your spot in next summer’s event now. You’re invited to get a great promotional price by pre-registering!
Of course before we get to Houston, there’s plenty of planning and “go-do’s” to take care of. In the meantime, let’s revisit what we shared with you in Toronto. I worked with my editors to help you easily relive some of the best moments of WPC 2012. Check out the below videos as you formulate your action plans.
Keynote day #1 | MPN Live end of keynote recap #1
This video welcomes attendees and sets the stage for the main theme: the New Era that Microsoft and our partners are about to embark on.
Keynote day #2 | MPN Live end of keynote recap #2
Learn all about the power of the cloud and the products that are helping you get there.
Keynote day #3 | MPN Live end of keynote recap #3
This inspiring keynote features Jon Roskill and Kevin Turner illustrating how we’ll compete to win!
Our guests, led by our episode hosts, highlight the top five topics that drove the energy and excitement at the conference. But most importantly, you’ll get a rundown of the big news from WPC 2012. 
The Microsoft Partner Network is a living entity, with constant enhancements designed to address your needs. So you’ll want to take a look at a couple of blog posts that get at the heart of this:
We take your feedback to heart, and I want to give you an extra reminder to complete your session evaluations. These can be completed via WPC Connect.
Your evaluation will help us improve. And it will also help others: for every completed evaluation, Microsoft will make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network or the Boys and Girls Club of Canada.
Here’s how you can take a quick moment to fill out the evaluation:
1. Sign on to WPC Connect.

2. Go to “Your Schedule”.

3. Click on the session that you want to fill out an evaluation for.

4. Click the green button link to the evaluation that appears under session information. 

As you do this, be sure to nominate one of the 500 eligible nonprofits serving youth in their communities for the What’s Your Cause Challenge.
And, last but certainly not least, keep the WPC community going through the power of your partner-to-partner connections by continuing to network and engage with other partners via WPC Connect
A busy summer indeed, and with the Olympics now underway in my home country, I have lots to keep me occupied for the remainder of the season!