Profitability through Partnership

You can’t do it all by yourself!
Many partners try to be a ”Jack of all Trades” but, from my experience, that will never be as profitable or sustainable as specialization!
By specializing in a few competencies that you do really well, you will build credibility that enables both growth and profitability. Specialization also drives company value, as buyers are more interested in companies that are highly skilled in a few disciplines rather than mediocre in many.
But, your customers have a demand for services and products that cover many areas. Here is where partnering plays a crucial role: by being “partnering friendly” you will increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers—and we all dream about stepping up from being just a vendor to becoming the trusted advisor to the CIO!
You should be the one that is helping the CIO when he needs vendors with specialization in areas outside your expertise. It’s not about making a short-term profit—it’s about building that trusted advisor relationship that will serve you well in the years ahead.
Every time you bring in a Microsoft Partner you are building a relationship that will be paid back in terms of collaboration, synergies, and new business opportunities. The partners that you network with understand that it’s a two-way street and will work with you to develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I call it “giver’s gain” and it is far better than getting only a slice of the margin!
With attendance numbers of about 16,000 attendees, WPC is one of the best networking opportunities in the world. The countless number of partnerships that take place at WPC have resulted in the rapid acceleration of business growth among our partner network. In fact, partners that attend WPC typically experience 10% YoY growth when compared to those who don’t attend. That profitability is often a result of building strong partner relationships that allow you to provide the best value to your customers!
Looking forward to seeing you in Houston in July!
Regards, Per​