When I started being more involved in IAMCP, the idea of WIT (Women in Technology) did not appeal to me. It was extremely popular and I had many friends/colleagues who spent a lot of time involved, but it just didn’t get my attention. As any typical professional these days my life moves at warp speed and I consistently take note of things I fully intend to go back and focus on, yet that focus rarely happens.

Then it happens…
Then it happens to make you realize…
The awareness, knowledge, and sudden appreciation of what these types of education & involvement can provide you from Women in Technology are intense. There are genuine women who have faced the same challenges and opportunities you are currently.  They are willing to share best practices, advice, and knowledge on how you grow and excel in your business. You become inspired by reading, attending and implementing these components in your own life!
I have worked on the luncheon hosted at WPC for WIT for the past three years. Overwhelmingly it has grown to one of the largest luncheons during the conference and organizationally we knew there had to be more we could offer attendees. This year we’ve worked diligently to produce the inaugural “WIT IMPACT Symposium” on Sunday July 7th, 2013. This is an opportunity to be a part of an event I am confident will be a commanding success at WPC.
The event is designed for you to share three hours with peers from around the world in intense, hands on sessions of your choice. We have secured diverse and prolific speakers to engage in this event to kick off the conference week. IAMCP is providing this event to attendees at “NO ADDITIONAL COST” due to the generous contributions of Microsoft and sponsors, but of course only a limited amount of registrations are available.
The afternoon will begin with a short welcome and introduction to all of the event attendees. You will then have a chance to pick two of the four sessions to attend! We have great areas that we are hosting. They are “Executive Golf 101”, “How to Navigate Office Politics”, “The Power of WIT”, and “Be Strong, Stand Up, Stand Out”. Which sessions will you choose? What sessions you attend on Sunday can impact your WPC experience throughout the week!
Register here and I can’t wait to meet you to kick off WPC together with our peers in Women in Technology!
Tiffany Wallace