So many thoughts come to mind when thinking about the success of this year’s WPC.

In a word: wow!
WPC 2012 was among the very best I have attended, from the opening reception to the closing. All the value I expected to get out of this conference was met beyond my expectations. The takeaway was enormous for our company and creating new opportunities.
Here are just a few of the highlights from this year’s event.
  • Keynotes: Very informative! Understanding the vision and focus of Microsoft for the following year will allow EDI Gateway to ensure we are on track with the technology industry.
  • Connect: We were able to use WPC Connect to meet potential partners. My company has already had discussions that will lead to successful partnering opportunities in the future.
  • Regional Lounges: The ability to network with local partners and talent was invaluable.
  • Networking: Being able to bring partners from all over the globe together for five days is a task on its own; the partners I met were blown away with all the opportunities that came up.
Through our partnership with Microsoft, EDI Gateway will now be able to approach a customer and offer them complete IT solutions with the mass availability of Microsoft partners and solutions.
All the partners that I met and spoke with expressed a similar sentiment, that the value they received from this year’s conference was outstanding. Everything from knowledgeable staff, great keynote speakers, and sessions were first class. They—like us—are also looking forward to next year’s WPC in Houston.
Between the Toronto hospitality, the Solution Innovation Center, and the countless partners and Microsoft people I had a chance to meet, I had a wonderful time this July. I want to thank everyone involved in putting together WPC 2012.