Goal setting is a key indicator of future success, according to Mark McCormack, author of What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School.
In his book, McCormack followed a group of MBA graduates and found that ten years after graduating, students who had written their goals down were making ten times more than the rest of their cohorts.
Clearly, strong, actionable goals are key to efficient success–but what does that mean for you as a Microsoft Partner?
One of the best places for partners to get business done and find success is the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It’s structured to provide partners with the best opportunities to learn, engage, and accomplish business goals. You likely already have a lot of goals you want to achieve while at WPC – and that’s a lot to plan! How do you get it all done?
Like those MBA students who earned so much more than their classmates, you need a strategic way to develop your goals and commit to them to increase your chances of success.

Start planning for WPC 2016

There’s SO much to do at WPC–it can be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. To get the most benefit from attending, it’s important to plan ahead. To get the planning started, check out this quick reminder of all the opportunity, networking, and fun that’s in store for you at WPC:
And with all of that opportunity in mind, here’s how to build a plan that will get you ready for what’s in store at WPC 2016:

1. Identify your goals.

Is your goal to make new connections? Do you want to learn something new? Both? Create a list of your goals to make sure you stay focused and on track to achieve them.

2. Map out the activities and sessions you want to take part in.

You’ll want to hear the strategic insights from Microsoft executives in the Vision Keynotes and from industry thought leaders in the sessions, so begin planning what sessions you’ll attend and block off that time in your calendar. Also, be sure to discover new solutions from the hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors by making a plan to maximize your time in The Commons – the central networking hub of the event.

3. Plan out your WPC Connect meetings.

To help you get business done and foster new partnerships and new opportunities, you’ll want to meet with the right people. Be sure to decide what WPC Connect meetings you will want to plan and the desired participants. Then, look for an announcement in late spring when the WPC Connect Meeting Scheduler tool opens for WPC 2016 – this tool allows you to reserve tables within The Commons and send online meeting requests before you even arrive in Toronto.
By setting goals and planning early, you can ensure your business has all the tools it needs for success.
Haven’t registered yet? Get rewarded for planning early. If you register before February 2, you will secure the All Access pass price of US$1,795. At 12:01am Pacific Time on February 2, the All Access pass price increases to US$1,995, so save money and start planning your conference objectives by registering today.
I look forward to seeing you July 10-14 in Toronto!