Posted by Tina Hanson, Partner-to-Partner Lead for the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team.

I’m excited to launch the Search Engine Marketing campaign to increase search engine exposure for Microsoft Pinpoint when a business customer uses certain keywords to locate a Microsoft partner. We already know that on average, 100,000 business customers visit Pinpoint each month in search of a Microsoft partner, and we want to increase this number so that you are identifying more revenue opportunities with new customer prospects.
The goal of the Search Engine Marketing campaign will be to increase exposure for Pinpoint to business customers who perform organic searches via the major search engines including: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Check out the banner ads below to see the creative for this campaign.
Another marketing investment we are making is a campaign focused on increasing customer awareness of the value and benefits of working with IT Experts who have invested in Microsoft competencies to demonstrate their capabilities. This campaign is coming soon, and you’ll find details about it in an upcoming post to the US Competency blog series written by my teammate, Sharon Collins. This campaign also has a Microsoft Pinpoint component, encouraging customers to “Locate an IT Expert” using Pinpoint. So if you have procrastinated making updates to your Pinpoint profile, now is the time to take action! Put your best foot forward with a customer-friendly profile to increase your chances of being found by a customer when they are in search of a technology provider to meet their needs. In previous Pointers posts, you’ll find advice and guidance for creating your best profile.
Each of these campaigns provides you with an excellent reason to invest time and effort into two aspects of your Partner Network Membership:
  1. Market your competencies and use them as a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Sharon’s competency-oriented blog posts are a great source of information about how to take advantage of your investment in earning a competency. Watch this short video to see how one partner is maximizing the value of his company’s Microsoft relationship in today’s hypercompetitive market.
  2. Spend time reviewing and editing your profile on Microsoft Pinpoint and use our tips for optimizing it for customer searches so you can increase your exposure to new customer prospects.
In my next Pinpoint Pointers post, I’ll share with you some of the Pinpoint success stories US partners have shared with me. If you have a great story about how Pinpoint has helped you connect with customer prospects, I’d love to hear it. Our Success Stories sweepstakes runs through June 25.