At Theta we deliver software solutions to an international customer base, offering an extensive range of Microsoft technologies, including SQL Server 2012, Microsoft .NET, Dynamics NAV, SharePoint, Office 365 and BizTalk. Locally, we provide IT consultancy and related services to some of New Zealand’s largest companies, in sectors such as telecommunications, energy, insurance, health, IT, and primary industries.

Pinpoint has provided us access to markets around the world that we would not have typically sought out—opening the door to a multitude of potential new customers. It has been a fantastic addition to our business. Customers are coming to us, rather than us marketing to them. These customers are from neighboring Australia and familiar United States markets, but also from nontraditional, off-the-beaten-path places like the Czech Republic, Denmark, Guatemala and Saudi Arabia.
We’ve found that we don’t even need to advertise overseas, because Pinpoint does all of this work for us. Over the last six months we have had more than 8,000 views on the Theta Pinpoint profile. Including a range of diverse professionals, from end users looking for greater efficiencies in how they can use reporting, to other Microsoft partners that are interested in becoming resellers of Theta products. We’re going to carry on using Pinpoint to take our new products and services to market, for sure. The results we’ve been achieving with Pinpoint have been fantastic