Partners, Meet Surface at WPC

Hello partners
Last week, we announced our special Surface offer for WPC 2013 attendees. We’re thrilled to give so many of our valued partners the opportunity to experience Surface and all that can be accomplished with Windows 8 touch devices. To make sure that you can take advantage of this incredible offer, we’d like to answer your questions and tell you exactly how you can Meet Surface at WPC. As loyal members of the Microsoft family, we are excited to provide this offer allowing for the purchase of one or both Surface devices at a very special price.
Please see below for a full FAQ to answer your questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Houston! We’ve seen how Surface increases productivity, allows greater mobility and entertains users. With only two short weeks before the conference, don’t miss out on your Surface offer at WPC: register today! You have to be at WPC to take advantage of this opportunity, so invite your colleagues and tell them to register, too!
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Surface Offer FAQ
Q: What is the offer?
A: Eligible WPC attendees may purchase one of each of the following Surface devices:

  • Surface RT 64GB with touch cover for $99.99 USD
  • Surface Pro 128GB standalone for $399.99 USD

Q: How many devices can I purchase?
A: Offer is limited to one Surface RT 64GB with touch cover and one Surface Pro 128GB standalone per eligible participant. No exceptions.
Q: When is the offer available for?
A: This offer will be valid from Sunday, July 7, until Thursday, July 11, 2013 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston.
  • The onsite Microsoft Retail Store located at The Commons Expo area within the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRBCC) will be open during the following days/times:
  • Sunday, July 7: 12pm – 7pm
  • Monday, July 8: 12pm – 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, July 9: 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 10: 11:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday, July 11: 8:00am -1:30pm
  • For early birds, the Microsoft Retail Store located at the Galleria Mall in Houston will be fulfilling the WPC attendee Surface discount offer at this time only:
  • Sunday, July 7: 10am – 6pm

    Please Note: for the Galleria Mall Location, only checked-in attendees will be available to take advantage of this offer. All terms and conditions apply at this location. After 6pm on Sunday, July 7, all eligible attendees should visit the Microsoft Retail Store in the Commons Expo area in the GRBCC.

Q: Where at WPC am I able to make a purchase?
A: Eligible participants may make a purchase at the Microsoft Store located in The Commons expo area.
Q: What type of payment is accepted?
A: No cash. Credit or debit card transactions only.
Please Note: If you have spending limitations associated with your personal credit card, please call your credit card company in advance to prevent purchase declines onsite. Let your bank know you are traveling and to expect unusual transactions.
Q: Can I utilize Coop funds for this purchase?
A: Coop funds or other fund utilization is not valid for this offer. Only Credit or Debit card transactions are accepted.
Q: Who is eligible to participate in this offer?
A: Eligibility to participate in this special offer is limited to:
  • Attendees who have a Partner All-Access Pass and have a designated “Partner” badge representative as such
  • Attendees who are Exhibitors or Sponsors and who have been designated an Exhibitor/Sponsor badge
  • Attendees who are Exhibitor or Sponsor Booth Staff and who have been designated an Exhibitor/Sponsor Booth Staff badge
  • Attendees who are Press/Analysts and who have been designated a Press/Analyst badge
  • Attendees who are External Speakers (non-Microsoft) and who have been designated an External Speaker badge
Attendees who are not eligible include, but may not be limited to:
  • Attendees who have been designated as Crew. This includes vendor staff and Microsoft representatives. In the event an attendee has been designated as Crew, and possesses a Crew badge, but who may be an employee of a Partner company, is thereby not eligible for this special offer.
  • Attendees who are Microsoft employees who have been designated a badge of any type.
  • Attendees who possess a Guest Pass of any type, regardless of their designation.
  • Attendees who have a Day Pass or Expo Only Pass
  • Attendees who work for government or state-owned entities or who might be considered government officials.
Q: What kind of documentation is required to purchase?
A: Your WPC conference badge is required to purchase the Surface promotion.  Please pick up your WPC conference badge prior to engaging in the Surface promotion.
Q: Will eligible WPC participants be able to physically take possession of the devices at WPC?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you run out of stock?

A: No, we have enough inventory for all eligible participants at the conference to purchase one of each Surface device.

Q: Will there be long lines?

A: There are likely to be long lines due to the number of eligible participants attending the conference; however, we will do everything possible to mitigate long lines and provide communication about wait times to help you plan your schedule. We recommend that you consider purchasing your devices later in the week, when lines are anticipated to be lower. We will have enough in inventory to ensure all eligible attendees can purchase one of each device.

Q: If I purchase the Surface offer at WPC, can the Microsoft Retail Store in my hometown provide service and customer support?
A: Yes, all customer service and store policies apply.
Q: Are Surface accessories part of the discount offer?

A: Surface accessories are not part of the discount offer. These are available to purchase from the MS Store Showcase or the MS Store, as well as online.

Q: Will there be any international SKUs available?
A: We will not have any international SKUs available.
Q: If Surface is not sold in my country, can I still take advantage of the discount offer?
A: Individuals are responsible for understanding and navigating the device usage, certification and import regulations for their respective country. The Surface devices on sale at WPC are the US English SKU. The device power supplies are designed to function worldwide however you may require a plug adapter for your country. Individuals are responsible for ensuring that the device can function correctly in their respective country. Warranty and product support is valid in country of purchase only.
Q: Can the Microsoft Store ship to countries where there are currently no Microsoft Stores?
A: No. Microsoft Stores can only ship to countries where a Microsoft Store is already established.
Q: Will I be charged taxes?
A: Yes. You will be charged the Houston tax which is 8.25%.


Disclaimer: Microsoft is not responsible for processing delays incurred due to overwhelming response. Microsoft is not responsible for technical, hardware or software malfunctions, lost or unavailable network connections, incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, garbled or delayed electronic communications, telephone, telephone line or other telephone related problems or errors, whether caused by the sender or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized processing this offer, or by any human error which may occur in the processing of this offer. Microsoft reserves the right to deny this offer to any attendee or participant regardless of conditions listed above. Any purchaser or attendee who violates the conditions above or attempts to impersonate another individual in an effort to avail of this offer multiple times, may be asked to forfeit their device(s) and/or asked to leave the event. Attendees are solely responsible for ensuring that purchasing Surfaces at WPC through this offer complies with their company’s policies, local laws and regulations. Surface devices are supported only in specific countries, as per the information outlined on It is your sole responsibility to review and understand your employer’s policies regarding participating in this offer.  If you are participating in violation of your employer’s policies, you may be asked to forfeit your device(s).  Microsoft disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for disputes arising related to this matter.​