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IDC projects Internet of Things (IoT) spending to grow from $591.7 billion in 2014 to $1.3 trillion in 2019 with a compound annual growth rate of 17%. Business Insider predicts that there will be 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, up from only 10 billion in 2015. Clearly, IoT is serious business with vast potential yet to be unlocked.

In light of this ground-breaking trend, we wanted to know what happens when you introduce industry leading IoT device engineers to a world-class team of data analytics specialists? Turns out they join forces to level up the capabilities of IoT in the real world.

That’s exactly what happened when Microsoft partners Candi Controls and WinWire collaborated on an exciting upcoming project involving smart buildings in California. The result was the development of end-to-end IoT solutions with real-time insight into smart building operations and assets. Here’s the story behind their successful partnership.

How they came to work together

“It all started with the customers.”

-Steve Raschke, CEO, Candi Controls

Candi Controls is an IoT partner with a focus on designing edge solutions to gather data from modern and legacy endpoints, translating data into a usable language. WinWire is a partner with a very strong Microsoft pedigree and specialization in data analytics. They work to take the data gathered from IoT solutions and deliver actionable insights and dashboards back to the customer. A customer of Candi Controls wanted a better way to visualize data from devices  but this wasn’t Candi Controls’ specialization.

After meeting the Microsoft Azure IoT team during the 2015 Ignite conference, the Candi Controls team were introduced to WinWire as a great partner for data visualization. WinWire was recommended as a partner capable of providing the dashboards and analytics that would help Candi’s customers quickly and easily take advantage of the insights their IoT solutions provided.

By partnering together and by leveraging Microsoft products, such as Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Analytics, the two organizations were better able to focus on what they did best while continuing to take advantage of the most up-to-date technology in the Microsoft stack.

Collaboration: The benefits for customers

This partnership is actively working towards providing IoT solutions in the realm of smart buildings and smart cities. Candi Controls and WinWire joined forces to provide Candi Controls’ client, Synnex, with the end-to-end solutions that would help them leverage IoT capabilities in the technology industry. Synnex was interested in operating their buildings in a more intelligent way with the help of IoT devices and monitors. The smart building concept allows users to monitor and react instantaneously to various factors that can impact resource use and cost like energy, climate control, ambient lighting preferences, or even dynamic office seating. These optimization capabilities typically allow customers to save anywhere from 10 to 30% of their energy bill while making real-time decisions to increase occupant satisfaction.

“There’s a huge amount of cost savings and increased productivity that can be quickly identified once you get the data out.”

-Steve Raschke, CEO, Candi Controls

Some of the biggest applications of IoT in the smart building arena end up being related to operational cost savings. Energy is constantly being wasted in heating/cooling or lighting buildings when occupants don’t require that energy to be used. Poor productivity or customer discomfort can also have a critical impact to the business’s bottom line.

Collaboration: The benefits for partners

Steve Raschke, CEO of Candi Controls, said “Candi’s expertise is in extracting and delivering the IoT data from buildings. That’s what we do really well. It’s a technical challenge that’s fraught with complex protocols, competing services, and different physical transport layers.” But being really good at collecting the information didn’t allow them a lot of bandwidth to also be experts at the visualization side of the service. So by connecting with WinWire, Candi Controls was able to expand their offerings and provide the visualization, the analytics, and the consulting needed once the data goes to the cloud. This partnership was able to help Candi Controls bring a lot of value to their presentation of the data to complete the IoT circle for the customer.

WinWire knew that IoT is the next big trend in consumer and business profitability. Their data analytics capabilities were strong but needed the complementary services and devices provided by Candi Controls to surmount the key barrier of entry into the realm of IoT: the hardware.

“Once we get the data in Azure, that’s when we can apply all of our knowledge and experience to run the analytics and use our business intel to turn that data into actionable information that a customer can use. ”

-Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire

But figuring out how to get that data when it’s sitting in 400 different locations on a client site, that’s where they needed help from Candi Controls to get the information into a useable format.

How did collaboration through Microsoft help grow your business?

Steve concluded that, “One of the wonderful things about Microsoft is that in addition to providing the Microsoft Partner Network, they have created the connection, not just on a business level but also on a data and tools level, between businesses like ours who connect the edge to the cloud and WinWire who ingests and makes use of that data. This is not just a business to business relationship, but a true connection through technology that brings value to both of our businesses and helps us share our customers.”

Ashu agreed, “Through this collaboration, which was facilitated by the Microsoft Partner Network, we’ve created new service offerings that enable us to deliver even more business solutions to our customers.”

Both partners are better able to serve their clients through this partnership. What an amazing example of the IoT in action!

For more information about this partnership, dig in to their recently published case study. Are you looking to collaborate with other partners to bring added value to customers? Get started by checking out our online portal.

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